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This Is Your Brain On Wildlife Removal

Racoons eating a banana

Society’s relationship with wildlife is a complicated one. Many people love animals and adore their pets, but their feelings are often less clear-cut when it comes to wildlife. It’s fair to say that most people do like wildlife, but this is because it is a type of wildlife that they find interesting or cute, and secondly, the wildlife does not interfere with their property.

So it is safe to assume that many are fans of wildlife and animal lovers, just so long as the wildlife is not causing issues for them or their property. If you feel this way, it is nothing to be ashamed of; it is entirely natural.

Feeling protective of your home is a natural reaction. Your home is a place where you should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own space. The human brain is wired to look for potential threats constantly, so this naturally makes people wary of intruders entering their homes. Whether these intruders are raccoons or humans does not change the fact that they are uninvited guests entering your property without your permission. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, the chances of discovering that wildlife has entered your home have become more likely. As our towns and cities are increasingly developed, human housing needs take over wildlife habitats, driving the animals out of their home and making it hard for them to find food naturally. This delicate relationship between wildlife and humans is widely recognized, as demonstrated by this United Nations (UN) article focused on the connection between humans, wildlife, and disease transmission. 

When Does Wildlife Become a Nuisance?

While many love wildlife, discovering a raccoon or a rat in their home is another story. The first sign that you have these critters in your home may be finding their destructive work. Discovering that food containers have been chewed or torn apart to leave their contents spilling out is a sure sign of a pest invasion in your house.

Our YouTube video shows how destructive pests can be and how easily they can get into your home.

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As well as seeing the destructive work that results from having critters in your homes, your other senses are also like to detect the presence of pests on your property. A scratching sound that seems to be coming from your attic, basement, or even your walls is a sign that pests are likely to be present. You may also notice a strong smell coming from specific areas of your property.

Pests such as skunks naturally emit a pungent odor, while rats have a strong smell because of where they spend their time. You would smell pretty bad if you spent your days rooting in the trash or hanging around in drains. No one wants their home to be overrun with the smell of invading critters and then have the hassle of attempting to detect where in your home they are hiding.

One of the worse situations arises from having critters living in your home and then finding that they are deceased and still on your property. A deceased creature at your property can create many issues, including an overpowering, unpleasant odor. Different pests create different issues for your property, but one thing is sure, their presence isn't good.

Why Choose Humane Wildlife Removal?

A lot of times, people need clarification when it comes to removing animals from their properties. On the one hand, they do not want to risk their property becoming damaged, their home being taken over by pests, or someone getting injured. But, on the other hand, they feel bad about the animals being taken away and what will happen to them after they have been removed. 

No matter how you look at it, having a wild animal living in your home is a less-than-ideal situation. Your property will likely be significantly damaged when pests are present, creating a potentially serious health hazard for you and your family.

Destruction of your property, the possibility of disease transmission from the wildlife to your family members, and the potential to become injured while trying to deal with the issue yourself are all possible adverse outcomes of having wildlife sharing your home. If the above situation sounds familiar to you, you can best call an expert in humane wildlife removal. 

If you want to avoid the potential negative outcomes of having wildlife in your home but do not want to call in a traditional pest controller, humane wildlife removal is the answer. Having the wildlife that has invaded your property safely removed is a significant relief, but you can sleep easy knowing that the issue will be dealt with humanely. 

At SWAT WILDLIFE, we know that having wildlife in your home can create various issues. But we also understand that you want the situation taken care of in a humane way. This is why our customers choose us to take care of the situation if they face a pest problem.

What to do Next

After we have safely and humanely removed the wildlife from your home, we can go further to help you prevent the issue from recurring. We can take steps to animal-proof your property to prevent wildlife and pests from regaining access. This will ensure that once your pests are removed, they won’t be able to return and take up residence on your property again.

Introducing methods to pest-proof your home provides further protection to keep wildlife in its natural habitat and away from your property. This humane way of dealing with wildlife on your property ensures that the animals and the humans are at a reduced risk of harm and that your property is protected.

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