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Mice Removal

Mice Removal Toronto

Mice Removal
Mice Removal Toronto

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Mice are a prevalent house pest in Toronto. They don’t like the cold and are likely to scurry to find a cozy home, just like yours, to occupy. 

Mice cause havoc in homes. They are gnawing on cables, leaving droppings everywhere and multiplying rapidly. 

They are a nuisance and can be tricky to remove without hiring professional pest removal services.

Have I got mice?

Mice can be tough to spot. You might not even know you have mice hiding in your home until you have a heavy infestation. Have you noticed any of the following: 

  • Any small off-yellow smudges on the floor
  • Greasy marks on walls or floors
  • Tiny black rice-size items in the corners of rooms
  • Gnaw marks on wires, wood, or food bags
  • Scratching or ‘digging’ noises at night
  • A musty smell is coming from one area of the home.

These are the most common indications of a mouse infestation in your home. You can call SWAT Wildlife to check it out for you if you are in doubt. 

Rodents pose a significant threat to the health of you, your family, and your pets. 

Mice carry several diseases; as they infiltrate your home, you risk contracting them. 

What diseases do mice carry

  • Tularemia
  • Salmonella
  • Hantavirus
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis 

Breathing difficulties, stomach upset, nausea, and more can be present within your family when you have mice. This is where SWAT Wildlife Mice Removal can help.

Mice can produce up to 75 tiny dropping pellets per day. Where the nest of the mice is will have a significant pile of these droppings, which will contribute to the smell.

How fast do mice multiply in your home?

Mice breed very quickly. They have a very short gestation period of just 19 to 21 days. Each year a female mouse can give birth up to 10 litters, and in each litter, up to 14 babies. 

Without Mice Removal intervention, there can be hundreds of mice hidden within the walls and the surrounding area of your home. 

What is the difference between mice and rats?

You might not be sure if you have a mice or rat infestation. A few differences between mice and rats can help you identify which rodents have made your house a home. 

  • Even the largest mouse will only reach about 8 inches in length.
  • A mouse’s tail is thinner than a rat’s and usually has hair; a rat's tail looks scaly with minimal to no hair. 
  • Mice have longer whiskers and a more triangular face.
  • Mice have more prominent ears than rats.

These are some of the differentiators, but it is important to note that telling the difference between baby rats and adult mice can still be very difficult. This is why you must call in a professional mice removal company. 

How can I help the Mice Removal Experts?

You can help your mice's extermination be fast and effective by providing the right information to your team. 


When did you first see a mouse, mouse droppings, or nibbling on cables or food packages? When was the first time you noticed a more pungent smell? 

This can be essential information for your specialist SWAT Wildlife team.


Make a note of where you see the most droppings or sightings of the mice. 

Think about the areas in your home that are not used often, or have small spaces: garages, crawl space, inner walls, lofts, and even storage cupboards. 

What is the treatment for mice infestation?

It is often the case that people will try to handle Mice Removal alone. While you may catch a few mice, you most likely will not stop the breeding. 

There are likely several entry points that mice are using to enter your home. 

The treatment for a mice infestation will have the following elements. 

  • An inspection of your home to locate the nest, entry points, and anything that you need to know about
  • We use targeted and environmentally friendly methods to seal entry points and lay traps.
  • SWAT Wildlife only uses carefully selected methods to care for your mouse infestation.

SWAT Wildlife provides a comprehensive and environmentally friendly Mice Removal solution to your mouse infestation in Toronto. 

Contact SWAT Wildlife today to get your mouse infestation under control and go back to living a pest-free life with our Mice Removal service! 

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