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Raccoon Removal

Dead Animal Removal and Clean-up Toronto

Dead Animal Removal & Animal Control Services

Raccoon Removal
Dead Animal Removal and Clean-up Toronto

Dead Animal Removal & Animal Control Services

There are few sights that you would want to see in the home less than a dead animal, and when this happens it can really throw you off. For one thing, you might worry that it is a sign of more pests somewhere in the home, and that can be very distressing for most people. It’s also a matter of hygiene and safety - you never know what diseases the animal could be carrying, and you need to take great care around the whole situation.

With that in mind, it is always best to call in professionals. At SWAT Wildlife, we offer an effective and handy dead animal removal service, complete with a subsequent clean-up phase, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Get in touch today to find out more about this service.

Signs Of A Dead Animal In The Home

Very often, there might be other signs that you notice before you actually find the dead animal itself, and when this happens you will want to take it seriously and make a note of what you have discovered. Some of the clear signs that you should particularly be on guard for include:

  • Rotten smells. When something has died in your home, generally you will be able to smell it before too long, and it’s not often the kind of smell you can merely overlook.
  • Insects. Dead animals attract insects such as ants and other bugs, so if you notice that you have a number of new insects in the home all moving in the same direction, that could be a sign. Sometimes following the trail of ants will lead you to a dead animal.
  • Upset pets. If you have a dog or cat, they might start acting strangely, especially if they have seen the dead animal. They might try to take you to it, or they might just make moaning noises because they can smell something you can’t.

If you notice any of these signs - or of course, if you find a dead animal - you should be sure to contact our dead animal removal team as soon as possible. It’s not the kind of issue you want to leave alone.

The Concerns Around Having A Dead Animal In The Home

Most people will instinctively not want to share their home with a dead animal. But there are some specific concerns that you should be aware of, just in case you are wondering whether it is really a big deal or not. There are actually numerous issues with having a dead animal in the home, including:

  • Nuisance. Whichever way you look at it, it’s just not pleasant to have something like this in your home, so getting rid of it should be a primary concern for simple reasons of comfort.
  • Health. Dead animals may be carrying diseases, and you might not even need to go near the body to catch something from it, especially if the disease is airborne. You should certainly avoid touching it, if possible.
  • Smells. The smell of a dead animal can make living in that home particularly tough for all involved.
  • Attracting other pests. As we saw above, once you have one dead animal, you are going to have more and more pests coming into your home, which only makes the problem a lot worse.
  • Distress. Whether yourself, or your children, dead animals can be a very distressing sight, and it could cause a lot of panic in the home if you are not careful.

Clearly, this is the kind of thing that you should deal with as soon as possible. It’s no use leaving a dead animal in the home.

How To Deal With A Dead Animal In The Home

If you do have a dead animal in your home - or you suspect that you might - there are some steps you should take. First of all, be sure to protect yourself if you go near the animal. Wear gloves, a mask and be sure to keep your children away from it too.

Next, you should make sure to get in touch with the professionals, as they are much better equipped to deal with the problem. If you get in touch with the dead animal removal and clean-up team in Toronto here at SWAT Wildlife, we will be more than happy to come and manage the situation for you. 

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