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Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Removal Toronto

Humane Pigeon Removal & Control Services

Pigeon Removal
Pigeon Removal Toronto

Humane Pigeon Removal & Control Services

Pigeons are the most common birds you'll encounter in any urban or rural setup. Most nest in public places, but they can make your home or office their shelter, causing many problems. Although they are harmless, pigeons can make a lot of meaningful communication with their peers, which is a nuisance to humans. Pigeons roost because

  • They have an easily accessible food source
  • They find accessible nesting grounds
  • They are emotionally attached to the location

Pigeons mate and lay eggs all year round which means, they can multiply very fast. Although they lay a single egg or two at a time, it only takes 18 days to hatch. When pigeons move to a place, they become emotionally attached to it, making it harder to chase them away. If pigeons are a nuisance, call SWAT Wildlife, a professional pigeon removal company in Toronto. 

We are Pigeon Removal Experts

SWAT Wildlife understands pigeon behaviour well, enabling the company to effectively remove any nuisance birds found in your home or office. We use modern, safe and easy methods that leave your premises free from birds fast. Are you having a bird infestation, or have pigeons quickly multiplied in your home or office? Call us today. We will come to the premises to inspect, understand the infestation's extent, and develop an effective long-term solution. 

Are Pigeons Dangerous

Pigeons are sweet birds that don't attack people, but a nesting bird can peck your hand if you try to come too close to its nest. Most will fly away when they feel threatened or when you come too close. However, their droppings, scavenging and nesting habits can cause danger to humans and property. 

As you will learn from SWAT Wildlife, pigeon droppings are acidic and carry parasites that can lead to infections. The birds can also transfer lice, fleas, mites, ticks and many other pests to your premises, causing more problems. There are over 50 diseases associated with pigeons making them known as rats of the sky or flying rodents. The most common ones are

  • Asthma
  • Salmonella
  • Listeriosis, histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, which are fungal diseases
  • Toxoplasmosis

How Do You Know You Have a Pigeon Infestation?

The fastest way to realize you have a pigeon problem is seeing them on your property. They can stay on the roof, gutters, sheltered but quiet places in your home and the attic. Most will stay around because they have a safe roosting place and easily accessible food. 

Pigeons will scavenge through open garbage bins or food leftovers lying around your yard. They mostly prefer eating grains but can eat any food left behind by humans. As they move around your premises, they leave acidic droppings that can corrode metals and cause more severe infections that significantly affect the aged, children and the immunosuppressed. 

Calling SWAT Wildlife will help you understand the magnitude of the problem and how best to deal with it. 

How Does SWAT Wildlife Remove Pigeons from Your Premises?

Pigeon infestation is a worrying problem in the entire Toronto region. We will send skilled pigeon removal technicians to your premises, readily equipped with the necessary tools.

The task can be difficult because pigeons build an emotional attachment to their roosting grounds. They may also have young ones to nurse; therefore, we must make sure the timing is right. We don't cause any harm to the birds but use techniques that drive them away from your premises and discourage them from returning.

We safely remove all the nesting materials and inspect the extent of the damage. The birds can clog waterways, gutters and air ducts. The droppings can corrode the roof, and the weight causes it to weaken. Also, as the acid reacts with stone, metal, grass on your compound and other substances, it's an unpleasant dirty sight that attracts more pests.

We Guarantee Our Services

Pigeon removal in Toronto is difficult, especially when the birds have roosted on the premises for a long time. We advise you to call immediately when you spot them to make the work easier. Nevertheless, we have the necessary skills and many years of experience We have:

  • Highly experienced and skilled technicians
  • Fully insured technicians
  • A written guarantee that we abide by when offering the services
  • Commitment to do everything possible to resolve the problem
  • A trustworthy, friendly and professional team

If you have any pigeon problems on your premises, call us today. We are pigeon removal experts in Toronto with a commitment to provide quality and satisfactory services to our clients. 

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