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The Greater Toronto Area is no stranger to pigeons! They are a nuisance to residents, business owners and employees throughout all areas of the city of Toronto. Pigeons are able to breed quickly and often. They make nests in inconvenient locations like chimneys, roof ledges, church steeples and similar areas where they aren’t supposed to be. At first, the presence of pigeons in a residential or commercial area may not seem like a problem, but the negative elements soon rise to the surface.

Pigeons carry bacteria and viruses, and cause extensive property damage. If you have a pigeon problem, you need to act fast!

When pigeons set up a nesting or roosting site, they will also use the area as a toilet. Unfortunately, they have acidic feces, which will eat away at metal gutters and other structures, burn grass and even erode stone buildings. This kind of damage comes with a steep price tag, and it can lead to even more extensive damage if nothing is done about it.

Pigeon droppings also carry parasites and if they are left to live and breed, the accumulations may pose a serious human health risk. This is especially true for households or buildings with people that have compromised immune systems or breathing issues. Infants and elderly people are two groups that are often affected by the presence of pigeons. They only require a tiny space to gain entry, and once they move in, they can be difficult to remove.

In addition to the health concerns posed by parasites and the corrosion caused by acidic feces, pigeon nesting can also cause serious water drainage problems. They like to seek out rooftops for their nests, so they often end up clogging drains and gutters. Overflowing gutters plus acid damage means that your house will be especially vulnerable to leaks as a result of pigeons.

Effective pigeon removal and control is best performed by an experienced and respected wildlife removal company that has done it many times before. SWAT Wildlife will remove pigeons from your home or workplace humanely, and remove all nesting materials so they won’t return.

Pigeons have a natural homing instinct that makes it more challenging to provide permanent relocation, but just as with the removal and control of any other form of nuisance urban wildlife, SWAT Wildlife has developed a pigeon removal system that is second-to-none.  The longer that they reside in an area, the more attached they will become, and the stronger their homing instinct will become. This is another reason that it is important that you have them removed sooner rather than later.

Get rid of Pigeons today, we provide the best Toronto animal services.

SWAT Wildlife’s service area includes Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, North York and surrounding neighborhoods.

100% Guarantee

When work has been completed and materials installed, SWAT Wildlife offers a one year written guarantee on all of its work. This leaves our customers reassured that the pests will not come back and that they chose the right company for the job!

Humane is Better!

Having a trained wildlife technician and animal control specialist remove nuisance pigeons keeps customers out of harm's way from potential run-ins when dealing with wildlife issues. When trying to tackle the problem on your own without training, you risk property damage, falls from ladders, and even bites from the animals. Calling SWAT Wildlife also allows the animals to be removed properly to prevent any undue stress and injury to them.

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