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SWAT Wildlife are your opossum removal specialists in Toronto. Opossums are cat-sized marsupials, which mean they carry their young in a pouch for a period of time. They can have up to 20 young at one time, however, the Canadian or Toronto Opossums tend to have smaller broods. Opossums are the new kids on the block to most Torontonians, but they have adapted quite well from the Southern United States.

Most opossums are found under decks, steps, sheds, porches and garages. Opossums will stay as long as the food supply continues in that area. Opossums are known to carry fleas which can jump onto household pets such as cats if an opossum dies nearby. Opossums can bite pets. However, the larger threat is in the diseases they may carry. Opossums can carry rabies but not as often as skunks and bats. Many animals can pass on serious diseases, so if you encounter an opossum, alive or dead, always call a wild animal expert for professional opossum removal service.

If opossums have moved into your home or business, it’s best to call in the experts sooner rather than later. If left unchecked, their presence can lead to a number of issues.

Besides the diseases that they could pass to you and your pets, they present a threat to your property as well. Since they are quite adept climbers, opossums can easily find their way into your attic. Once there, they will tear up you insulation and any other available material in order to make their nests.

Due to their size and metabolism, they also leave a considerable amount of feces. As it builds up, it creates an awful smell and can seep stains into your ceilings. Even worse smells and contamination can eventually arise when an animal of this size dies in your attic, walls, or basement.

SWAT Wildlife will complete a comprehensive inspection and determine where the animals have entered. This inspections includes an interior (attic) and exterior inspection. SWAT Wildlife includes a full guarantee on all of the work we do.

Get rid of Opossums today, we provide the best Toronto animal services.

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