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The Nutty Neighbours: Preventing Squirrel Infestations in Toronto Gardens

Red squirrel caught in a live trap awaiting relocation after Squirrel Infestations

Frolicking through trees, scampering across fences, and frantically gathering acorns, squirrels have become an emblem of nature’s playful whimsy within the urban bustle of Toronto. However, despite their charming antics, they also pose a substantial threat to home gardens. This blog will guide you through the world of these intriguing critters, the problems they pose,…

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The Masked Bandits: A Detailed Guide to Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Catch and release raccoon removal animal control wildlife service

Toronto’s cityscape, filled with a unique blend of urban and natural spaces, is no stranger to raccoons, endearingly or ominously referred to as the “masked bandits.” These intelligent critters frequent homes and garages, causing property damage, and health risks, and occasionally engaging in conflict with pets. This extensive guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding…

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Squirrel Chewing on Wires: An Underestimated Hazard and the Comprehensive Solutions for Homeowners

Squirrel Sits On An Outdoor Porcelain Electrical Insulator

When one thinks of the quintessential backyard critter, the image of a squirrel, with its fluffy tail and cheek-stuffing antics, often comes to mind. These rodents have secured a place in our hearts and neighbourhood ecosystems.  Nevertheless, there is a less charming, outright hazardous aspect to their behaviour that demands attention – their propensity to…

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The Wild Mysterious Bat Behavior and Habits

Bat hanging upside down on tree branch

Few are as mysterious or misunderstood as bats when understanding our winged neighbours. In Toronto, we share space with two species, the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) and the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus), and understanding their behaviour helps promote harmonious cohabitation. The Nighttime Jet-Setters While we’re tucking ourselves in, bats are just starting their…

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Raccoons and Pets: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe in Canada

Raccoons and pet dog hanging out together.

Raccoons are iconic North American creatures known for their black masks and dexterous paws. Often the subject of human fascination due to mischievous behaviour, these resilient mammals have successfully increased in Canada’s urban and suburban landscapes.  As a pet owner, though, interactions between raccoons and your beloved companions can spell potential harm. Here at SWAT…

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Preventing Unwanted Wildlife from Invading: A Homeowner’s Guide

Setting up rodent trap for Unwanted Wildlife

Dealing with unwanted wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, mice, and rats that frequently prey on our living areas can vex any homeowner. These intruders can cause significant damage to your property, not to mention the potential health hazards they pose.  This article will discuss various installations and solutions you can incorporate on your property to…

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Effective Methods to Keep Skunks Away from Your Property

Skunks on grassy lawn

Skunks, with their distinctive black and white markings, come across as cute creatures — until they unleash their notorious spray. Not only does the odour stay for days, but they can also cause damage to your property.  Fortunately, there are effective measures you can take to keep them away from your property. This blog will…

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Raccoon Removal 101: Everything you need to know

Raccoon In a cage

When you think of raccoons, you probably picture the cute little critters from the Disney movie “Peter Pan.” They may be adorable, but they can also be destructive pests! They’re known for chewing through wood and insulation in attics and crawl spaces, which causes big headaches for homeowners.  If you’ve got a raccoon problem, don’t…

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Squirrel Removal Commonly Asked Questions

Squirrel Removal, Squirrel in a cage.

Trap and remove squirrels from your home or yard for many reasons. They can cause a lot of damage to structures like homes, sheds and trees. They also carry diseases and parasites that can spread easily through contact with their feces, urine and saliva.  With squirrel removal, it’s important to remember that these creatures are…

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