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The Benefits of Attic Restoration Services

Are you considering restoring your attic? For many people, their attics is a neglected areas of their homes. Their roof space is often somewhere that is either left completely untouched or only used when they run out of room for storage in other areas of their property. But whether your attic is currently a wasted…

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This Is Your Brain On Wildlife Removal

Racoons eating a banana

Society’s relationship with wildlife is a complicated one. Many people love animals and adore their pets, but their feelings are often less clear-cut when it comes to wildlife. It’s fair to say that most people do like wildlife, but this is because it is a type of wildlife that they find interesting or cute, and…

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Wildlife Removal Why Humane Is A Great Choice

Have you discovered a wild animal in your home? It could be in the yard or it might be inside the house itself. It’s not uncommon for animals to climb walls and make a nest in an attic space if they can find a way inside. It’s important to deal with a situation like this…

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What To Do When You Encounter Wildlife Pests In Your Home 

Mouse Eating Cheese

A wide variety of wildlife pests could find their way into your home. Some animals that love to nest on your property commonly include pigeons, raccoons, rats, and many other rodents.  All of these animals typically enter your house through breaches in its structure. Whether this is a hole in the roof or an exposed…

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5 Things You Need To Know When You See A Raccoon

Raccoon Looking out of a Trashcan

Do you commonly spot raccoons near or around your home? Perhaps they wander into your garden during the day or at night? If so, then there are a few things you should know about these furry little garbage thieves.  Raccoons Are Not Friendly Or Tame  Raccoons in the wild or your yard can seem friendly…

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What Are The Most Common Forms Of Demolition?

Are you trying to remove an old structure from your land without affecting the surrounding wildlife? SWAT Wildlife can help you with humane demolition services. Read on to find out about the most common forms of demolition available with SWAT Wildlife.   What Are Demolition Services? Demolition services are companies like SWAT Wildlife that help…

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How would you pick a raccoon removal company? 


As a homeowner, you will likely go to great lengths to keep your home safe. For example, you may have invested in several home security measures such as alarm systems and video doorbells. However, these protocols don’t always come in handy when dealing with unwanted visitors such as raccoons and other forms of wildlife.  …

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Why Is The Pigeon Netting Essential For Balconies?

pigeon netting

Peacocks and kingfishers are gorgeous, but they’re also deadly to humans. Seagulls and pigeons can leave filthy droppings on your lawn or home. Their droppings stick and convey poisonous chemicals, germs, and spores. Common rural and urban birds carry more than 50 diseases, including influenza, pneumonia, and salmonella. Bacteria in bird droppings and feces pose…

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What Is An Inexpensive Way To Remove Raccoons From An Attic?

raccoon in the attic

Raccoons in the attic (or anyplace else in your house) are a serious hazard, despite their adorable appearance. How can you tell if a raccoon is up there? You will initially hear them scuttling and scraping. Additionally, they’ll create a mess by dismantling insulation to build their nest and leaving behind excrement. It’s critical to…

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