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Bird Removal

Bird Removal Toronto

Humane Bird Removal & Control Services

Bird Removal
Bird Removal Toronto

Humane Bird Removal & Control Services

Birds are beautiful scenery, but when they make your property their habitat, they become a nuisance. You’ll have to deal with bird droppings, odour, dirt and nests in the wrong places. Birds can enter your home through open spaces on the roof, open doors and windows and holes. They also make a lot of noise, destroy plants and contaminate water. If birds are bothering you, call SWAT Wildlife, a specialized bird removal service provider in Toronto. 

How do You Get Rid of Birds?

You’ve probably tried many methods to deter the birds without success. You need first to find out what is attracting the birds to the premise. Is it

  • Ready food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Emotional commitment to the area

A careful inspection by our Toronto bird removal experts will analyze the birds’ behaviours and understand the duration they have been on the property. There are three pressure methods SWAT Wildlife can use to remove the birds, namely light, medium and heavy pressure. 

Light Pressure 

When birds come to your premises to soak in the sun but don’t stay for long because they can’t find food or a favourable shelter, we use a light pressure method to disperse or deter them from camping. 

Medium Pressure

Medium pressure areas are locations where pest birds stay for long periods because they find food, water and favourable landing grounds, but they don’t roost or build nests. By the end of the day or when they have had enough, the birds fly home. 

These birds can be a nuisance because of the droppings they leave behind, noise, and property damage as they look for food. They might feed on crops, food leftovers and drink from whatever accessible water source they find. 

To deter the birds, SWAT Wildlife uses bird spikes that discourage them from resting. 

High Pressure

Birds can get emotionally committed to a region because they find food, water and a favourable shelter. You’ll discover birds born in the area that went on to have their young ones and build nests. Such birds will need more pressure to deter or discourage them from returning to the region. The SWAT Wildlife bird removal Toronto team installs weather-resistant and polycarbonate heat spikes to dispel the birds.


We Use Humane Bird Removal Toronto Methods

SWAT Wildlife cares about animals even when they are a nuisance. We also understand that even if you want the birds out of your premises, you wouldn’t want to hurt or exterminate them. We use very safe methods whose aim is to discourage the birds from roosting in your home or office. 

Also, we understand that if we remove young birds before they learn how to fly, their chances of survival decrease. We check the bird’s nests then come up with the best time to remove them, usually when they don’t have eggs or young ones. We also make the process less stressful as possible and don’t harm the birds in any way.

Are Birds Dangerous?

Most birds are harmless and will usually fly away when approached. They make beautiful scenery when in the right place. However, when you have a bird infestation, you should be worried about all the acid and germs they spread through the droppings. 

Acid from the droppings can corrode metal gutters, shingles and stone. Accumulation of birds’ droppings on the roof can make it collapse due to the increasing weight. 

Birds’ nests can also be a nuisance. They can clog waterways, air vents, gutters and drains. You may experience high carbon monoxide levels in your home when the air ducts are blocked. Birds also make your home or business premises look dirty, unkempt and can attract other rodents and snakes as they prey on the birds’ eggs and young ones. 

Call Us for a Quick Solution

We have many years of experience as bird removal experts in Toronto. We have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with bird infestation fast and offer humane but lasting solutions. We are 

  • Highly skilled and experienced
  • Have a highly professional, trustworthy and reliable team
  • Offer quality services by committing ourselves in a written guarantee
  • Have fully insured technicians
  • Only use human bird removal methods

If birds are wrecking your home or office, call us today for a quick solution. We will remove them and check whether there is any damage that needs repair, such as a weakened roof, corroded pipes, or clogged ducts. 

Whatever bird problem you are dealing with, call SWAT Wildlife today for a quick inspection and a lasting solution.

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