Our Testimonials

Margaret Greer

Please pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to Derek, Kevin, Johnny and Patty for fixing the squirrel problem at my house. They were polite and good natured and made the situation less stressful for me. You are very lucky to have such a considerate staff.

Emily Fisher

I called SWAT Wildlife after a long couple of days listening to what I was sure must have been a family of giant raccoons in my attic. (Ok, I may have overreacted, but it was LOUD!). I spoke with the company owner, Derick, and was given a very timely appointment. When he came to investigate my problem, he did a very thorough examination of my property. He reassured me I did not have mutant racoons, but instead a squirrel problem. He sat with me and discussed his plan of action and pricing, and then with my approval, immediately set to work!!

This company was quick to respond, very efficient, and the removal of the animal was very humane.

The cost of the service was exactly as estimated, which was very much appreciated!!!
Derick was such a pleasure to deal with.

I will recommend SWAT to every one I know!!
Five stars!!!!!


Kate Carroll

Thanks SWAT for your professional service and efficiency. SWAT does use the most humane approach when dealing with animals, which was very impressive. Derick was very knowledgeable
and assured me my animal problem was solved, and it is. Thanks SWAT and Derick for your great customer service.

Rachel Aide

Unlike other trappers or wildlife removal professionals who I spoke to, Derick actually cares for the animals while recognizing that you don't want to live with them. His humanity and approach to wildlife removal really impressed me.

George Baker

WOW! You folks said you would come, remove and do it quickly. We were thrilled with your service after paying another company for doing nothing Raccoon Printfor 2 weeks. The raccoon family is gone, my employees are happy and our manufacturing facility is clear of unwanted critters... a superb job - Quick, Professional and a pleasure to deal with. "What a nice experience! Thank you."

Jeff Herrle

Before I called on SWAT to help me with the raccoons that moved into my attic, I contracted a roofer to help me. The roofer recommended putting up aluminum to cover the hole that was made and sold me new downspouts. This didn't solve the problem. A year later, the raccoons bent the aluminum and got back in. Screwing down Raccoon Printthe vulnerable part of the aluminum didn't help either. The raccoon, now the mother of 5 kits, found its way back in. That's when I called SWAT. They're experts in wildlife exclusion and know the habits of urban wildlife, so they came up with a permanent, humane solution. They worked quickly and efficiently to get the raccoons out. They also identified another potential vulnerability in my roof and secured it. I'm confident that the raccoons won't be returning. The professionalism and integrity of our technician was exceptional. Derick was focused on solving the real problem, getting the raccoons out and keeping them out, not on charging for individual services. His people skills and flexibility helped tremendously when I needed the cooperation of my neighbor to resolve the problem.

Jen Waddell

Thanks very, very much for doing such a clean and professional job putting the one-way door in the soffits. I haven't seen squirrel movement in there for quite a while now, so here's hoping they're gone. I really appreciate the speed at which you answered my email and the fact that you followed up to remove the door within a week. I'll definitely be calling the S.W.A.T. team if I have problems with squirrels in future. Thanks again - That was fantastic service and REALLY appreciated!