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Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal Toronto

Humane Skunk Removal & Control Services

Skunk Removal
Skunk Removal Toronto

Humane Skunk Removal & Control Services

Skunks may be cute little animals, but their looks are extremely deceiving. These furry innocent-looking creatures can:

  • Spread numerous diseases
  • Damage property
  • Make your home reek with putrid smells

If you are experiencing a skunk problem in your home, read on to find out how you can get rid of them for good.

What Attracts Skunks To A Home?

Skunks, like squirrels, are attracted to places where there is food. If you have a garden in your compound, then your home is incredibly attractive to skunks. The same is true for homeowners who regularly leave their bins open.

How To Identify The Presence of Skunks in Your Home

Skunks are nocturnal creatures, so it might be hard for you to come across one in broad daylight. Besides, these animals are experts at burrowing and prefer to live in hidden places, making it difficult to see them.

Nevertheless, they still leave tell-tale signs signalling their presence. The first, of course, is their signature stinky smell. 

The gas produced in the skunk’s anal glands is comprised of mainly sulphur and is a defence mechanism for the animal. Not only can the foul-smelling gas induce nausea and vomiting, but it can even cause temporary sight loss. 

If you notice a permanent malodorous smell near your home whose origin is unknown, you are most likely dealing with a skunk problem.

The second sign of a skunk invasion is the tracks that the animal leaves as it walks. This is a five-toed animal with long claws, so you can expect to see this footprint on your property. 

Usually, skunks don’t erase their claw marks on the ground as cats do which is how you can differentiate the two animals. 

You can also tell that there are skunks in the neighbourhood if you notice signs of burrowing and the presence of holes on your premises. These small animals have mighty claws, and they do put them to work when trying to find food and shelter. 


What Are The Dangers That Skunks Pose?

The most significant risk that skunks pose is spreading diseases. They are mainly known for spreading rabies, which is quite a deadly disease. They are also carriers of Tularaemia, canine distemper, and Leptospirosis.

Additionally, the animals can cause considerable property damage. As they dig holes searching for food or shelter, they could destroy plumbing lines or electrical wiring. This can be quite an inconvenience to any homeowner. 

The foul smell for which the animals are famous can also lead to property damage. For instance, delicate furniture outside the house is susceptible to damage from this acidic spray of skunks.

If the rodents construct a den in your compound, there will be a perennial stink near the area. This is especially true because the creatures are notorious for marking territory with their unpleasant spray.

Additionally, they can create a big mess all over your home with their smelly droppings. You may find yourself cleaning up after them regularly, and this can get tedious quickly.

How Can Swat Wildlife Help?

If you suspect that you have a skunk problem, it is wisest to call professionals as soon as possible. Skunks can be pretty dangerous if they feel attacked, and you certainly don’t want to deal with a defensive skunk.

At SWAT Wildlife, we know how to get rid of skunks in Toronto quickly and efficiently. We apply the most humane methods in our operations and ensure that the animal will not be harmed.

Not only do we get rid of the pesky animals, but we also train you on how you can prevent them from returning to your home. This will save you from dealing with the same situation in the future.

One of the best things about working with us is that we offer free property inspection services. If we find annoying animals near your house, we will provide a free price estimate for our services. 

Aside from skunk removal and prevention services, we also offer damage repair and clean-up services. This is particularly helpful to homeowners because the stench the animals leave behind can be pretty challenging to remove.

Our services are top-notch, as is evidenced by the fact we have won numerous awards for our excellent work. We also boast a long list of happy clients who don’t hesitate to recommend us to their family and friends.

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