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Rat Removal

Rat Removal Toronto

Humane Rat Removal & Control Services

Rat Removal
Rat Removal Toronto

Humane Rat Removal & Control Services

Rats can be a complete nightmare. The moment you spot any signs of a rat, it’s time to call in a rat removal specialist. SWAT Wildlife offers the best rat removal service in Toronto. 

Rat removal doesn’t have to be messy and complex; we offer environmentally friendly rat removal and management in Toronto. 

Do I have rats?

In the initial weeks of having rats, you may not even notice they are there! Here are some of the critical signs to look out for:

  • You might notice unusual burrows or signs of digging in the garden.
  • Gnawing at wires, woodwork, and small holes in hidden places
  • Missing food
  • A strange smell
  • Shuffling or scratching noise at night
  • Greasy or damp-looking rubbing marks - this is where the rodent has pressed against the wall.
  • Droppings or dried yellow patches on the floor

These are the classic warnings signs, and at the first sign of rats, you can call SWAT Wildlife to complete an inspection. 

The smell is one of the indicators of rats. Rats are carriers of diseases and germs and will urinate and defecate as they please. In a brief period, this will begin to smell musky. 

Rats will nest behind your walls, and you may even hear squeaking. Most often, when you have a rat infestation in your Toronto home, you will hear scratching noises. 

The louder and more apparent the noise, the larger your rat infestation is likely to be. 

Rats are also just as likely to eat fruit as they are meat. Once they find a reliable food source, they will return time and again. Rats will contaminate your food and your pet food.

What are some of the diseases rats carry?

  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia
  • Salmonella
  • Hantavirus
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV)

These can cause extreme illness, breathing difficulties, nausea, and diarrhea, to name a few. 

A single rat can produce between 20-40 droppings per day, meaning multiple rats will leave hundreds all over your home. 

What is the difference between a rat and a mouse?

It can be tricky to tell the difference between rats and mice if you only see them in the dark. 

  • Rats grow a lot larger than mice and maybe as large as 15 inches.
  • Mice usually reach a maximum of 8 inches.
  • Mice have longer whiskers and a more triangular snout.
  • Rat tails are hairless and scaly-looking
  • Mice have more prominent ears than rats and a thinner tail.

What information can I give a rat exterminator?

The information that you give your rat exterminator is essential. Once you realize you have rats, then start to gather information. Here is some critical information that will ensure that you can have quick and efficient rat removal in Toronto. 


Where in your home do you hear the most noise? Can you locate a potent musky smell? Where does it seem to emanate from? 

Also, consider all the areas of your home that might make an excellent home for a rat. Crawlspace, lofts, inner wall spaces, garages, pantries, and more. These key areas can be a safe space for rats. 


Carefully consider how long you think you may have been having your rat infestation in your Toronto home. Did you notice signs of chewing on your cables? A musky smell in a particular area? This information can be essential and help SWAT Wildlife estimate how many rats you may have. 

What is the treatment for rat infestation?

Many people try to handle a rat infestation themselves. While catching one or two rats is possible, an actual infestation must be handled carefully. Your home will likely have several entries, and exit points the rats use. Unfortunately, catching one or two will not remove an infestation, as rats breed very quickly. Many homeowners make the mistake of using rat poison. Not only is rat poison harmful to your children and pets, but if a rat dies between the walls, it will decompose in your walls and other spaces you cannot reach. 

  • A property inspection will allow exterminators to locate the nest and pinpoint the entry and exits used by the rodents. 
  • Using targeted and environmentally friendly methods, SWAT Wildlife will seal up entry points and lay traps. 
  • SWAT Wildlife will use appropriate methods to manage your rat infestation in your Toronto home. These methods include bait, traps, exclusion, and eradication of rats from your property. 
  • We provide our clients with a written warranty that guarantees our work. 

SWAT Wildlife provides a complete solution for rat infestations in the Toronto area. Get your Toronto rat infestation under control by contacting SWAT Wildlife for Rat Removal today!

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