How Not to Attract Raccoons

While raccoons may be adorable, they can also cause a lot of havoc at your home. They can knock down trash cans while searching for food, but that is the least of their damage. Female raccoons looking for places to nest have been known to rip apart shingles, tear up insulation, and even rip down […]

Baby Squirrel removal Toronto|SWAT Wildlife

Hairless new born squirrels, first ones of the 2016 season.

Raccoon removal Toronto | SWAT Wildlife

Two juveniles hanging out on a home owners roof top deck.

SWAT Wildlife | Wasp removal

Wasp nest removal from behind soffit paneling.

Baby Squirrel Removal Toronto | SWAT Wildlife

Hairless new born squirrels, first ones of the 2016 season. We were excited for this removal since it was the first newborns we dealt with in 2016.

Squirrel Babies in Attic | SWAT Wildlife

We got a call that there were some baby squirrels found in the attic. They were barely newborns! We had to move in on them safely as they were just little babies and handled the removal with care.

Skunk removal Toronto | SWAT Wildlife

Skunk that fell into a window well and the SWAT Wildlife team came to the rescue, and released the poor guy back into the city.

A little help from our friends | SWAT Wildlife

Watch Derick help a opossum get untangled from some garden netting.

Raccoon Repellant: Does it Work?

There’s a reason why Toronto is known as the raccoon capital of the world. You can’t call yourself a true Torontonian without having one (or a dozen) raccoon anecdotes. Estimates put the raccoon population anywhere from 100k to 200k within the GTA, or 100 raccoons per square kilometer. That’s a lot of competition for your […]

Squirrel babies in attic|SWAT Wildlife

Baby squirrels found in attic, just newly born.