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Squirrel Removal: Protecting Your Plants and Produce from Furry Foragers

Squirrel Removal. Wild Black Squirrel Digs Through Freshly Planted Flower Beds.

Squirrels are delightful creatures that bring a sense of liveliness and playfulness to our natural surroundings. However, when these furry foragers start invading your garden and causing damage to your plants and produce, it can quickly become a frustrating experience. Professional squirrel removal may be needed.

This blog post will provide strategies and tips to protect your garden from these playful but troublesome visitors.

Understanding Squirrel Behavior

To effectively deter squirrels from your garden, it’s essential to understand their behaviour and motivations. Squirrels are natural foragers and opportunistic feeders. 

They are particularly attracted to fruits, nuts, and vegetables found in gardens. Additionally, these critters have remarkable agility and can quickly navigate trees, fences, and various obstacles to access the delicacies in your garden.

Create a Physical Barrier

Creating a physical barrier is a highly effective approach to keeping squirrels out of your garden. Start by installing a wire mesh or fence around the perimeter of your garden. 

Ensure the barrier is at least 2 feet high and extends 6 inches into the ground to prevent squirrels from burrowing underneath. 

Additionally, consider placing metal collars around the trunks of trees adjacent to your garden to prevent squirrels from accessing your garden from above.

Install Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Squirrel Removal. Squirrel-Proof Feeders. Squirrel trying to eat seeds.

Instead of relying solely on keeping squirrels out of your garden, consider providing them with an alternative food source. Install squirrel-proof feeders in a separate area far from your garden. 

These feeders are designed with mechanisms that close off access to the food as soon as they detect the weight of a squirrel. You can significantly reduce their interest in your garden by diverting their attention.

Use Natural Deterrents

Squirrels have a keen sense of smell, and there are scents that they find repulsive. Utilize these natural deterrents to create a barrier around your garden. Sprinkle hot pepper flakes, garlic powder, or a mixture of strong-smelling herbs such as mint or rosemary along the perimeter of your garden. This really helps with squirrel removal.

You can also create sachets filled with these substances and strategically place them around your plants. The strong odours will discourage squirrels from venturing into your garden.

Harvest Your Produce Promptly

Squirrel Removal. Fruit That Has Been Eaten By Squirrel.

Squirrels are more likely to target fruits and vegetables that are fully ripened. To minimize their impact, ensure that you harvest your produce promptly as soon as it’s ready. Leaving ripe produce unattended in your garden only invites squirrels to feast on your hard-earned harvest. 

Also, properly dispose of damaged or partially eaten fruits and vegetables, which can attract more squirrels to your garden.

Scare Tactics

Implementing scare tactics can be an effective method to deter squirrels from your garden. Hang shiny Mylar balloons or wind chimes near your plants to create movement and noise, making the area uncomfortable for squirrels. 

You can also set up motion-activated sprinklers that spray water when they detect movement. These sudden bursts of water startle squirrels and discourage them from approaching your garden.

Seek Professional Help For Squirrel Removal

It’s important to acknowledge that squirrel problems can sometimes persist despite your best efforts. If you are in this situation, it may be time to seek professional help. 

Wildlife squirrel removal specialists, such as those at SWAT Wildlife, are trained in safe and humane squirrel removal procedures for residential areas. We can provide expert advice tailored to your situation and implement effective squirrel removal methods to keep squirrels away from your garden.


Dealing with squirrels invading your garden can be a challenging and frustrating experience. However, with the tips and strategies in this blog post, you can better protect your plants and produce from these furry foragers. 

By implementing physical barriers, natural deterrents, and scare tactics, you can create an inhospitable environment for squirrels in your garden. Remember to approach squirrel control with empathy and respect for these creatures, as they are simply trying to survive in their environment. 
You can coexist peacefully and maintain a flourishing garden with proper prevention and understanding. For more information on squirrel removal services or to schedule a consultation, contact SWAT Wildlife.

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