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Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal Over Extermination

Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal over Extermination Wildlife removal is indeed a crucial part of human existence. Hence, you need to choose more humane strategies when it comes to removing pests instead of unjust extermination. Animals, just like humans, have the right to live although when they become annoyance in our surroundings, that’s […]

Removing Squirrel From Pantry

Squirrels in the attic are a common problem. So are squirrels from the pantry. The squirrel we removed here was a cookie monster, in case you couldn’t tell. Just to be safe we put on our gloves and we wanted to catch the squirrel in a large piece of clothing so he wouldn’t be able […]

Baby Squirrels Rescued From Chimney

A Squirrel in the attic? We’ll take care of it. A squirrel in the chimney? That’s interesting…Squirrel newborns removed from a chimney, one of our odd scenarios. We heard squeaking and were surprised to find these little guys, they look two days old. Blind, tiny, and without fir, we had to carefully remove these cuties […]

Humane Baby Squirrel Removal

SWAT Wildlife squirrel babies removed from a local Toronto home and left safely for their mother to return to them. For more of our humane animal removals, rescues and more subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter or Google+ or check out

SWAT Sizzler – Toronto Animal Removal Reel

This is the SWAT Wildlife Sizzler! SWAT Wildlife is a team of Urban wildlife specialists located in Toronto, Ontario serving the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding. We’re focued on the humane removal of trapped animals, pests and more. All of our processes are as friendly to wildlife and the homes of our clients as possible. […]

Red Squirrel in Humane Trap

SWAT Wildlife is celebrating the new year with a small victory. We had been dealing with this pesky red squirrel over the course of 4 days. This little guy had been held up in a local attic in Etobicoke and didn’t want to leave! We finally got him out but he took some insulation with […]