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Squirrel Chewing on Wires: A Hazard and the Solutions for Homeowners

Squirrel Sits On An Outdoor Porcelain Electrical Insulator

When one thinks of the quintessential backyard critter, the image of a squirrel, with its fluffy tail and cheek-stuffing antics, often comes to mind. These rodents have secured a place in our hearts and neighbourhood ecosystems. 

Nevertheless, there is a less charming, outright hazardous aspect to their behaviour that demands attention – their propensity to chew on wires.

Nature of the Squirrel and its Gnawing Habit

From treetops to backyards and urban parks, squirrels are common in many parts of the world. Part of a large family of rodents known as Sciuridae, squirrels have adapted exceptionally well to human environments. 

One characteristic they share with all rodents is their front incisors that never stop growing. To keep their teeth at an optimal length, They have an inherent need to gnaw on various materials.

However, the problem arises when squirrels take their gnawing habit indoors, seeking relief from the wires found in human-made structures. This indiscriminate gnawing wreaks havoc on a property’s wiring system, leading to some serious consequences for homeowners.

The Dangers Lurking Behind the Adorable Façade

At first glance, the direct harm caused by squirrels gnawing on wires may appear purely cosmetic – a nibbled wire here and there. However, this significantly underestimates the potential severity of the issue.

In its most immediate form, the danger of a squirrel’s gnawing is the raw destruction of property. Interior and exterior wiring, cables, and even car wires are all potential targets for squirrels, and such damage can disrupt critical devices and systems within your home. 

The repair process is more complex and cost-effective than replacing the chewed-upon section. Frequently, the entire length of the wire needs to be switched out to ensure its functionality, leading to higher repair costs.

However, the aftermath of a squirrel’s gnawing is often far more treacherous than the initial damage. Exposed wires can be fire hazards waiting to happen, as damaged wiring is one of the common causes of residential fires. 

Thousands of fire incidents each year bear testament to this unfortunate fact, all traced back to the small, sharp teeth of squirrels.

Moreover, the damage doesn’t just extend to one’s finances or property. These scenarios can quickly escalate, posing a profound risk to the safety and lives of the inhabitants. 

This makes squirrels’ wire-chewing behaviour more than a mere nuisance. It’s a potential, life-threatening danger that every homeowner should consider and take action against.

SWAT Wildlife: Your Comprehensive Solution

At SWAT Wildlife, we understand the seriousness of the challenges posed by squirrels gnawing on wires. We are committed to providing effective, humane, and ethical wildlife control services to address them.

Comprehensive Inspection and Humane Removal

The success of any wildlife control operation lies in a thorough understanding of the problem. With this in mind, we start by conducting an in-depth property inspection to identify the points of entry and gauge the extent of any damage. ‘

Once we have a complete picture, we develop and execute a strategic plan for squirrel removal. We employ humane strategies like one-way exit doors that let the animals leave but prevent them from re-entering.

Preventative Actions and Proofing

The crucial next step post-removal is to safeguard your property against future infestations. Our prevention services encompass an array of measures. From capping chimneys and proofing roof vents and exhausts to securing decks, patios, sheds, and more, we take all the necessary steps to deter squirrels and other wildlife from making your space their home.

Damage Repair and Restoration

Finally, our responsibility towards you extends beyond just offering solutions for your squirrel problems. We can repair the hardware damage caused by the squirrels, including the restoration of chewed wires, helping homeowners return their property to safety and functionality.


The potential dangers squirrels can bring to your properties must not be taken lightly. Understanding these risks and taking preventive measures early can significantly reduce the odds of severe damage. Prevention is invariably better than the cure.

At SWAT Wildlife, we focus on helping homeowners protect their homes from these often-overlooked threats. For additional information or to request our services, do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Our team is ready to equip you with a free quote and guide you in defending your property effectively. Protect your home, and let us take care of the wildlife for you.

Remember, no home is entirely safe from the threats of wildlife interactions, but with vigilance and professional assistance from SWAT Wildlife, you can sleep easier knowing you’re well-protected. Call us now!

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