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How to Find and Get Rid of Dead Animals in Your House

According to media reports, the number of rats in the City of Toronto has been increasing for several years. This means there is a good chance these rodents could find their way into your home. These pesky critters live between one and two years. Then they die. And sometimes, that happens inside your house.

You may not notice it for several days, but as the animal decomposes, you won’t be able to miss the smell. Or the increased activity of insects around your property. Once you’re sure there is a dead animal in your house, you’ll want to get rid of it quickly. We’ll tell you how.

Handling Dead Animals

If you come across a dead animal in your home, you’ll want to be careful in handling it. Animals can carry diseases that can make you sick. Don’t touch the animal with your hands but get proper gear before you try to remove the body. This includes:

  • Gloves
  • Face mask
  • Shovel
  • Sandwich bag or plastic grocery bag to put the animal inside

Next, pick up the dead animal and put it in the bag, sealing it tightly. If it is possible, use the shovel to move the animal into the bag.

To dispose of small animals, you can bury them in your yard. For larger animals, it is better to call a pest removal service or contact your local waste collection centre. Whatever you do, don’t just toss it into the garbage bin. The animal will still decompose, creating a smell and attracting other wildlife to the area.

What if you can’t see the dead animal?

It can be especially challenging to prevent insects from discovering the decomposing body and eating or breeding on it. When this happens, it can add further problems to your home.  If you’re not able to see the dead animal, but you are confident there is one, here are some ways that you can track it down to remove it.

  1. Follow the smell. Decomposing animals will have a disgusting smell. Following the odour can help you locate the dead animal.
  2. Watch for increased insect activity in your home. If you notice an increase of bugs, particularly flies, in your home, try to find out what is attracting them. Chances are, you’ll be able to find the dead animal.
  3. Call in the professionals. Contact wildlife removal specialists like SWAT Wildlife puts your problems in the hands of the experts. We have the experience to find and safely remove the dead animal from your home. Whether it’s raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice or other pests, our team has handled it all.

Eliminating the Smell

It is one thing to remove the dead animal from your home, but many times the smell can linger. Here are some tips for getting rid of that nasty odour.

  1. Wash the area: after you’ve removed the dead animal, put on some rubber gloves. Using soap or disinfectant and hot water mixture, give the site where you found the animal a good washing. This can help get rid of most of the smell. If it is in a hard-to-reach or awkward space on your property, you can also use a water hose to clean it out.
  2. Get animal odour removal: Some specific products are designed to tackle the smell of dead animals. You can soap cotton balls in the chemical and place them in the space where you found the animal. It may take several applications for the smell to dissipate.
  3. Odour removal sponge: For more pungent smells, you’ll need to use an odour removal sponge, which is soaked in a chemical that will take the smell away. The smell could be gone in days if you place the sponge in the space where you found the animal.

Tips for Preventing Pests on Your Property

After you’ve removed the dead animal and cleaned up the smell, it’s time to pest proof your home, so you don’t have to deal with this again. Here are some of the best ways to keep rodents and pests off your property:

  • Seal up any holes or openings to your home
  • Call Swat Wildlife if you suspect any unwanted visitors have invaded your home
  • Don’t leave water standing outside your home
  • Get rid of any fallen fruits or vegetables in your garden past the summer as these can attract animals
  • Trim plants and grass on your property to prevent pests from hiding
  • Seal up your garbage bins tightly both inside your home and outside
  • Remove any clutter in your yard, such as woodpiles or old tires where animals may take up residency
  • Don’t leave pet food outside
  • Clean bird feeders and birdbaths regularly to prevent pests

Getting Rid of Dead Animals on Your Property

Finding a dead animal in your home can be a shock. Suspecting there is one but not being able to find it can be frustrating. With an increasing number of rodents in the City of Toronto, there is a chance you could be dealing with dead animals on your property at some point.

Tracking down dead animals in your home isn’t something that many people really want to do. If you suspect there is a dead animal on your property, contact SWAT Wildlife and let us come out to handle it. Our team has the skills and expertise to find and remove the dead animal.

We can also help eliminate live animals from your land. If you see any unwanted rodents, pests, or wildlife around your home, call us for a free quote. We’ll come out and remove them before it becomes a bigger problem.


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