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Snared Opossum And Babies Humane Removal

Today we were called in to deal with an opossum and its babies that had been trapped in a window well at a local Mississauga home. The Opossum and babies removed were relocated to near by safe location off-site. For more information on how we can help you please call SWAT Wildlife at 647.496.3979. “We Serve And Protect Your […]

Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal Over Extermination

Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal over Extermination Wildlife removal is indeed a crucial part of human existence. Hence, you need to choose more humane strategies when it comes to removing pests instead of unjust extermination. Animals, just like humans, have the right to live although when they become annoyance in our surroundings, that’s […]

Opossum Snare Trap

Here we have the SWAT Wildlife team rolling up to our of our clients’ homes and preparing our snare and trap. Our client had a problem Opossum on their property that needed to be removed, they were concerned that it would wander in through their cat door and didn’t think that would be a fun […]

Toronto Opossum Relocation

In this video, we have a baby opossum humanely captured at a home in East Toronto. Opossum are very nomadic critters and often move from place to place, never staying in a single place for too long. That’s if they don’t end up stuck in your chimney, attic, decks or other spaces vulnerable to wildlife. […]

Toronto Humane Opposume Removal

In this video we have a member of the SWAT Wildlife team releasing an opossum removed from a Toronto home. We keep Opossum in a quiet covered cage to allow them to stay calm during the relocation process – this big guy was a little disoriented from the whole experience and needed a little help […]