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Raccoon Babies in Your Attic: When to Call a Professional for Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal. Live Raccoon in trap.

Raccoons are known for their natural curiosity and adaptability, often leading them to explore human habitats for food and shelter. 

Although they may appear cute and cuddly, raccoons can cause significant damage to your home if they decide to make your attic their nesting ground. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the signs that indicate the presence of raccoon babies in your attic and when to call a professional for removal.

Signs of Raccoon Babies in Your Attic

If raccoons have chosen your attic as their den site, there are several signs to watch out for:

  1. Noises: They are nocturnal animals and are most active at night. Be looking for scratching, rustling, and vocal noises like chattering, whining, or growling coming from your attic, particularly after sunset.
  2. Damage: They can cause extensive damage to your home as they search for entry points. You may notice torn or displaced roof shingles, bent or damaged vents or soffits, and scratches or gnaw marks around entry points.
  3. Feces and urine: The feces and urine can not only leave a strong odour in your attic but also lead to health hazards and damage to insulation and wiring.
  4. Tracks: You might see footprints on your roof or around your home, which can signify that they are accessing your attic.

When to Call a Professional for Removal

If you suspect raccoon babies in your attic, it’s essential to act quickly and call a professional wildlife removal service like SWAT Wildlife. Here’s why:

  1. Safety: They can carry diseases like rabies or roundworms, which pose a risk to you and your family. They may also become aggressive if they feel cornered or threatened, especially when babies are involved. Professionals are equipped with the tools, experience, and knowledge to handle raccoons safely.
  2. Legal and ethical considerations: In many areas, raccoons are protected by law, and it is essential to follow proper wildlife removal guidelines. Professionals know these regulations and will ensure that they are removed from your home without harming them.
  3. Proper removal of babies: Raccoon babies can be challenging to locate and remove due to their small size and the cluttered nature of most attics. Professionals are skilled at finding and safely removing babies while ensuring minimal disruption.
  4. Damage repair and prevention: Raccoons can cause significant damage to your home, and it’s crucial to repair any entry points or damages they have caused to prevent future infestations. Professionals will not only remove the varmet but also guide on repairing the damage and implementing techniques to deter them from returning.

The SWAT Wildlife Process for Raccoon Removal

At SWAT Wildlife, we follow a humane and comprehensive approach to raccoon removal services:

  1. Inspection: Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect your property to identify entry points, assess the damage, and determine the presence of babies.
  2. Humane removal: We employ effective and humane techniques to remove the raccoons safely. For instance, using one-way doors allows them to leave the attic but prevents them from re-entering.
  3. Babies relocation: Any babies found are removed and reunited with their mother, ensuring the entire family remains safe.
  4. Attic cleanup and damage repair: We offer cleanup and repair services to restore your attic, removing any feces, urine, or damaged insulation and repairing the entry points.
  5. Prevention: To prevent future raccoon infestations, our technicians can provide you with expert advice and customized solutions, such as installing chimney caps, screening roof vents, or sealing gaps and holes on the exterior of your home.


By taking prompt action and trusting the skilled professionals at SWAT Wildlife, you’ll not only ensure the well-being and safety of your family but also maintain the integrity of your home.
If you suspect raccoons in your attic or need assistance with wildlife removal, contact us for a free quote and to schedule an appointment. Our experienced team is committed to providing humane and effective raccoon removal and prevention solutions for homeowners across Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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