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5 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Rats in Your Yard

rat in backyard

Whether you live in downtown Toronto or in the suburbs, it’s likely that rats are nearby. While no-one likes to think about the possibility of rats being on or in their property. Taking a proactive approach is the only way to minimize the risk they pose to your health and your home.

It’s not unusual for rats to present in a yard or garden, even if you don’t see them. As they’re nocturnal, most activity takes place overnight, when you’re less likely to be using your yard. Furthermore, it can be tricky to notice when soil has been disturbed or when shrubs have been gnawed at.

However, if you see burrows, droppings or nests, you’ll be in no doubt that rats have set up home in your yard. Additionally, if your dogs or cats seem unusually active in the garden or if there are tiny bite marks on your garden equipment, it’s a sure sign that rats are around. To safeguard your property, take a look at what you can do to get rid of rats in your yard:

1. Keep Trash Secure

Trash is a primary source of food for pests, including rats, raccoons and squirrels. If you leave trash unsecured, it’s going to attract wild animals to your yard, so be sure to use a trash can with a heavy lid and, if possible, keep it secured with a padlock. Alternatively, purchase trash cans that have built-in locking mechanisms designed to keep animals out.

However, trash isn’t the only source of food that rats will feast on. If you grow vegetables in your garden, you’ll want to use animal-proof protective mesh to prevent pests from gaining access to them. Similarly, digging a small trench around vegetable patches and installing mesh beneath the soil can help to stop rats from burrowing beneath the ground to gain access to food.

If you enjoy feeding the birds or other wildlife, think carefully about whether you want to continue doing this. Unfortunately, rats will steal bird food from feeders and houses, which can make it difficult to get rid of them. If you don’t want to stop feeding the birds in your yard, be sure to use a rat and squirrel-proof feeder and keep food secure in an air-tight container.

2. Use Rat Traps

Rat traps can be an effective way of getting rid of rats in your yard but it’s important to use them withrat trap

caution. If you have pets, for example, you do not want to put anything in your garden that could harm them.

In addition to this, traps need to be situated in the right spots to properly deal with an infestation. Using too few traps could fail to solve the problem and lead to further activity in your gardens.

Of course, one downside to using rat traps yourself is having to deal with rats once the rat has been trapped. Depending on the type of traps you use, you’re either going to have a rat that’s very much alive and desperate to get free or a dead rat that needs to be handled with care due to the health risks they pose.

Due to this, many people prefer to leave rat removal to the experts. At SWAT Wildlife, we offer a range of rat removal services that are guaranteed to leave your property free from rat activity. As well as removing rats from your property, we’ll also provide you with expert advice and assistance when it comes to keeping your property secure from wild animals and pests.

3. Cut Back Trees and Shrubs

If your yard gets overgrown, it can quite literally turn into a ‘rat run’. Rats will love being able to move around without being seen, which is why keeping trees and shrubs pruned is imperative. Similarly, mowing your lawn regularly will make it easier to see whether there is any rat activity taking place in your yard.

Not only does keeping your garden well-maintained make it easier to see rats, but the extra movement in the yard also makes it a less attractive place for rats to be. They’re wary of new things, so moving pots around and adding new features to your garden will make rats less likely to set up home in your yard.

4. Remove Water Sources

Rats need water to survive, so removing any water sources from your yard can be a savvy way to discourage them. This might include filling in ponds or draining them temporarily, as well as removing water features or turning them off for the time being. However, you’ll also want to ensure that garden hoses aren’t left out and that any external taps aren’t dripping. By clearing away garden equipment at the end of each day and removing water sources, you can make it harder for rats to survive in your yard.

5. Secure Sheds and Garages

If you have any outbuildings on your property, they’ll be a prime place for rats to nest. Using rat-proofing methods, such as durable wire mesh covers on roof vents, can be an effective way to stop them from gaining access from buildings. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure that doors and windows are fully secure. Remember – rats can easily get under doors, even if there’s only a small space, so think about replacing doors or extending their length to prevent this from happening.

Contact SWAT Wildlife

If you think you’ve seen signs of rat activity in your yard and you’re not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team. With a whole host of rat removal services, we can identify the most effective methods of rat removal for your property and get to work straight away. As well as removing dead animals and dealing with active infestations, we can also provide specialist animal-proofing services that will keep your property free from pests.

Rats and other wild animals spread from one area to another at rapid speed, which is why it’s important to take action as quickly as possible. To arrange a consultation or to get a free quotation, contact SWAT Wildlife now at 416-792-5181.

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