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Rats Removed With Raccoon Trap

We were called in for a raccoon removal request in Toronto. We setup a raccoon trap in an attic with the hopes of catching the raccoon that has been giving this home trouble. Unexpectedly we ended up catching a rat with the raccoon trap! This isn’t our typical removal method, but because it wasn’t our primary […]

Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal Over Extermination

Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Removal over Extermination Wildlife removal is indeed a crucial part of human existence. Hence, you need to choose more humane strategies when it comes to removing pests instead of unjust extermination. Animals, just like humans, have the right to live although when they become annoyance in our surroundings, that’s […]

Rescuing Raccoon Mother and Baby

In this video you’ll see a raccoon mother recently removed by SWAT. She’s concerned and trying to get her cubs to relocate them, pacing around and climbing the walls of the home in a panic. After we finished removing the family from the ceiling of a Toronto home we united them and then she takes […]

Removing Rat in Toilet

Did you know it’s actually possible for rats to enter a home through sewer systems and plumbing in your home? It’s VERY rare; however it does happen. One of our customers discovered a large rat in their toilette one morning. We had a lot of difficulty in filming this video as it was a solo […]

Rat Rescue & Removal

All animals deserve to be removed humanely, even rats. This little fellow had his arm caught in a trap. SWAT Wildlife carefully freed his arm and removed him from the Toronto home. For more information on how we can help you please call SWAT Wildlife at 647.496.3979. “We Serve And Protect Your Home” Check […]