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Get rid of a bat that is hanging off a tree in the backyard?


Bats are unlikely to threaten humans or cause them harm, but if you have bats living in your home or outside your house, there is a risk of damage to the property. You may also be uncomfortable with seeing bats in the backyard. In this guide, we’ll provide advice to help you deal with bats humanely and tips to manage bat problems. 

Spotting signs of bat problems in and around your home

Living with bats is not everyone’s idea of fun. Before you take action to remove a bat from your backyard, it’s a good idea to try to figure out whether you have a bat problem in or around your home. There are warning signs to look out for, which may indicate that you are sharing your house or garden with bats. These include:

  • Identifying a roost: bats are not social creatures and they tend to avoid contact with humans. They are quiet and they don’t produce a lot of mess in comparison with other types of household and outdoor pests. One sign that makes it easier to spot bat problems is a roost. If you see a roost, it is likely that you have bats living inside or outside your home. 
  • Nocturnal flying: have you noticed creatures flying around the house once it goes dark? It is possible for birds to fly at night, but it’s uncommon. If you see shapes in the night sky, it’s much more likely that there are bats flying around than birds. 
  • Bat feces: bats produce large volumes of feces, which are known as guano. Bat feces look similar to mouse droppings and are usually the size of a grain of rice. 

How to get rid of a bat in your backyard

Bats are protected so it’s crucial to follow guidelines when trying to remove bats from your property or outdoor space. If you see a bat hanging off a tree in your backyard, or you think you may have identified a roost in the garden, the first step to take is to check if the bat is ill or injured. Keep your distance to protect yourself and avoid scaring the bat. Contact a company that specializes in humane bat removal. It is particularly important to do this if the bat needs medical help or there is a risk that it may be carrying a disease. 

Trained bat removal specialists use tried and tested techniques to remove bats from residential properties and backyards. If the bat is injured or sick, experts will ensure that it gets the attention it needs. 

It is important to remember that if you spot signs of bats in and around your home, there is no need to panic. Bats don’t harm humans, but they can cause damage and mess. Stay calm and contact the experts. Professionals will visit your home, inspect the area and carry out the necessary procedures to remove the bats and protect your home.

Should I try to capture a bat outside my house?

If you see a bat hanging in a tree outside your house, or you spot bats flying around your garden at night, you may be tempted to try to capture the animals. You may have good intentions to rescue an injured bat or gently encourage them to move to pastures new, but it’s wise to avoid touching bats and trying to capture them. This can be incredibly frightening for the bat and it can also put you at risk, as bats can carry diseases. 

Rather than trying to deal with the problem yourself, let the professionals handle the situation. If you call in the pros, they will remove the bats humanely while protecting you from illness. They can also offer advice and tips to help to reduce the risk of issues in the future. 


If you see a bat hanging from a tree in your backyard, or you’re trying to get rid of bats outside your house, you might be tempted to try and take control of the situation yourself. Bats do not usually pose dangers to humans in terms of being aggressive, but they can carry disease. It’s best to avoid touching bats and let trained, experienced bat removal specialists tackle the issue. Experts protect bats by removing them humanely while enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

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