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How often should pest control be done?

pest control

The only living things living on your property should be the ones invited to do so. Your family and pets? Absolutely welcome. Anything else should be asked to leave. Alas, many creatures won’t respond to your polite request. The only way to get rid of them will be to take action. If your home is…

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How can raccoons be relocated?


Nobody wants to live with freeloaders — and that’s especially the case when the freeloaders are living creatures that don’t seem to understand the boundaries of privacy. Alas, sometimes, you just have to accept that another tribe of animals has set up camp at your property. In Toronto, there’s no shortage of things that can…

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How to Deal with Bats Invading Home

bat removal toronto

When you see the black-winged creatures, pouncing on your home and flying into your rooms, as they please, it can be very terrifying. Their bodies, wings, and their movements can be very frightening to children. Not to mention, they do carry diseases and if bitten, can spread them to humans. We have heard about the…

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Tips for Keeping Bats Away from Your Home

Having bats near your home can be uncomfortable and you may be wondering how you can get the animals to leave. Bats are known to carry certain diseases that can be transmitted to humans through their dropping or bites. Some medical professionals will recommend you get a rabies vaccination if you just see a bat…

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