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How to Get Rid of Mice Safely?

Mice looking out of a wooden box

Mice are a common problem but this doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance. They chew through food packaging, wires, and even walls. They can also affect your personal health. Mice can make allergies or asthma worse, and they spread disease. There are several signs to look out for if you believe you have a mouse problem. These include gnaw marks, droppings, or unusual debris. If you have mice in your home it’s advisable to get in touch with mice removal or extermination services. There are also a few things you can do to get rid of mice safely and to prevent any from coming back.

Seal off access points

To get rid of mice once and for all you first need to identify their access points. You can try looking out for droppings or bite marks. Seal off any holes you find with caulk or steel wool. Mice won’t be able to gnaw through these materials. Alternatively, you could seal off gaps in the home with duct tape. Inspect any pipes that enter the house and in the basement foundations, and check out any vents or other openings. You can also speak to a mice removal company to find out more about possible access points.

Prune shrubs and trees

Mice can get into the house by using shrubs and trees as ladders. They also like to nest in these. If you want to get rid of mice, prune and shrubs and trees near your house. It’s also important to keep your yard tidy. Piles of garden waste or firewood will attract mice as they make perfect places for them to nest in. Keep on top of general yard maintenance and get rid of leaves and other debris properly.

Put out traps

There are plenty of different types of traps you can put out. Mice extermination services can also do this for you. Traps are one of the most effective ways to get rid of mice safely. Types of traps include snap traps, electric traps, or sticky traps which will kill mice. You could otherwise opt for live catch traps but you would then need to release the mice in the wild far from your home. If you set up traps yourself there are several different types of bait you can use. Peanut butter or chocolate are popular options, or you could try cheese, bird seed, or nuts. Put the bait inside the trap to ensure the mouse can’t get to it without being caught.

Set traps in the right places

Mouse traps are the most effective if they’re positioned near a wall. Set the trap up so the bait and trigger side is closest to the wall. Enclosed spaces are also great spots for traps. Leave them beneath or behind furniture, or in closets and cupboards. Another important thing is to wear gloves while handling traps because otherwise you might leave your scent on them which would put off mice.

Keep your home clean

You need to eliminate any potential food sources in your home that could attract mice. The best thing to do is to keep your home clean, especially your kitchen. Seal food in packets and keep it out of reach in cupboards. Wipe or vacuum up any crumbs and don’t leave dirty dishes out. Mice will also be attracted to pet food so store this in a safe place. Put pet food away as soon as your pets have finished eating. 

Take out the trash

As well as food waste, mice will also eat paper and cardboard so avoid letting your recycling pile up. Take out the trash regularly and keep both bags and cans properly sealed. Mice can easily get into your trash if not and the smell will also attract them. A telltale sign you have mice is broken trash bags or noise coming from them. Look for a trash can with an airtight light or cords or clips to keep it closed.

Inspect your garage

Garages are ideal habitats for mice so don’t forget to clean yours as well. Mice like hiding in warm cars and can chew through wires and end up doing serious damage. Regularly sweep up debris and put some traps down. You could also look for entry points in the garage that need sealing. Ensure there are minimal places for mice to nest and get rid of any trash or food sources from your garage.

Use natural mice repellents

If you’re looking for mice repellent, a mice extermination company can help you out. Alternatively, there are also a few natural remedies you can try. Peppermint and clove are two examples of essential oils that can repel mice. They may smell nice to people but are pungent and unpleasant to mice. You could try soaking cotton balls in these essential oils and putting them in potential access points for mice. You can even hide them in drawers and kitchen cupboards. There are also plenty of mice repellent products you can buy.

Get a cat or dog

Mice will definitely be put off if there’s another animal in the house. They will notice the smell of a predator from a mile away and hopefully this should deter them from entering. Cats and dogs hunt mice, but it’s better to keep them from coming in at all. Always remember that getting a pet is a big responsibility. If you do decide to get a dog or a cat, ensure that you can give it a loving home in the environment that it needs. 

Call mice extermination services

To get rid of mice safely, it’s best to seek professional advice. Mice removal services can help you with your mouse issue and give you tips and advice on how to prevent them from returning. A pest control company can even deal with more severe infestations and you can rest assured your mouse problem is in the hands of the experts. If you’re looking for mice extermination or mice removal services, get in touch today.

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