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Expert Strategies for Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Raccoon Removal. Raccoon In A Box Trap.

At SWAT Wildlife, we know that the mischievous raccoon, with its bandit-masked facade, can be seen as a charming urban resident of Toronto. 

Yet, their cuteness quickly diminishes when these nocturnal creatures enter your attic or swipe through your garbage bins. Our Toronto homes, meant for peace, are not playgrounds for wildlife; we’re here to restore your sanctuary with our raccoon removal services.

The Unwelcome Raccoon Guest – A Common Toronto Tale

Raccoon Removal. Closeup Of Female Hand Giving Food To Little Raccoon.

Raccoons in Toronto are not just a minor inconvenience; they can threaten your home and health. These animals are known to be carriers of various dangerous diseases like rabies and leptospirosis. 

Moreover, they can damage your property by gnawing on electrical wires, ripping apart ducts, and tearing insulation to shreds. It is our mission at SWAT Wildlife to address these invasions with expert strategies designed for effective and humane removal.

Our Humanitarian Approach to Raccoon Removal in Toronto

At SWAT Wildlife, we don’t believe in simply eliminating a problem. Instead, we’re committed to providing solutions that are respectful to the animals while ensuring your home is secure and free from future intrusions. 

Let’s walk you through our specialized process:

In-depth Property Assessment

Understanding the heart of the problem begins with a thorough assessment. Our specialists will meticulously inspect every inch of your property to identify potential entry points and signs of raccoon habitation. This crucial step allows us to craft an action plan that is both efficient and minimally invasive to your daily life.

Safe and Effective Removal

With targeted information, we proceed to the safe and strategic wildlife removal. Employing the latest humane trapping techniques and one-way doors, we ensure raccoons are relocated with their well-being in mind and following Toronto’s wildlife control regulations.

Raccoon Proofing and Prevention Methods

Our commitment to you extends beyond removal. We take comprehensive measures to secure your home against re-entry, fortifying your sanctuary from future invasions. 

This includes repairing damage and setting up defences like heavy-duty screens and chimney caps. We also educate homeowners on best practices to deter these resourceful creatures from returning.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

The relationship with our clients continues after the service call. We offer ongoing support and a one-year guarantee on our work, ensuring that you continue to enjoy a raccoon-free home over the long term.

SWAT Wildlife – Your Trusted Partner in Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal. Sad Face Racoon In A Trap.

Why We Stand Out:

  • Deep Local Expertise: With years of experience in Toronto’s unique urban landscape, we deeply understand raccoon behaviour and how to manage it efficiently.
  • Humane Treatment: Respect for wildlife is woven into every aspect of our services. The raccoons are handled with care and released following all local guidelines.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Beyond the initial service, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, providing education and tools to maintain a wildlife-free environment.
  • Swift Response: Wildlife issues can arise unexpectedly. Our emergency services ensure you can handle these challenges.
  • Quality Assurance: Every service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a testament to the quality and reliability of our work.
  • Community Acknowledgment: Accolades such as the Homestars Award highlight our commitment to excellence in all we do.

Real Stories from Our Clients

We take pride in our work, but nothing speaks louder than the words of our satisfied clients:

*”When a family of raccoons decided my attic was their new home, I was at my wits’ end. SWAT Wildlife’s expert team was there the same day, and the raccoons were safely removed. They secured my home so well that I haven’t had problems since. SWAT Wildlife was a lifesaver!” – Jonathan Smith

*”With young kids at home, finding a raccoon in our backyard was a real scare. SWAT Wildlife handled the issue promptly and humanely. I’m impressed by their sensitivity to the animals and their professional approach to ensuring our safety.” – Emily Nguyen

Final Thoughts and Actionable Advice

Toronto’s bustling streets attract humans and wildlife, such as raccoons, seeking refuge and resources. Respectful yet decisive action is paramount as they get cozy in our communal spaces. 

At SWAT Wildlife, we believe in balancing urban life and the natural world, a harmony we strive to maintain with every service we provide.


Our raccoon removal services are just a call or click away. If you’re experiencing a wildlife intrusion, don’t hesitate to contact us at SWAT Wildlife. Let us assist you in safely and effectively restoring peace to your home.

Choose SWAT Wildlife for an expert approach to raccoon removal. It’s about removing the immediate concern and ensuring your home remains the haven it should be—where the only masked faces belong to friends and family at your themed parties, not wildlife intruders in your attic.

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