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What are the eco-friendly ways to control pests?

What are the eco-friendly ways to control pests?

We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. Making environmentally-friendly choices are part of being good stewards of our earth. But that doesn’t mean we need to live with pests. If flies, spiders, roaches, wasps and the rest creep you out, there are some eco-friendly ways you can control them. 

Why choose eco-friendly pest control?

Keeping pests at bay in your home and garden is important for your health and crops. Pests can destroy the food and flowers you’re trying to grow. That makes them a nuisance. Moreover, some pests carry bacteria and germs that can make you or your loved ones ill. But while controlling the number of pests is essential, some methods like insecticides can also present a hazard to humans. So, choosing an eco-friendly pest control option helps you reduce the number of insects and bugs in your home and garden while protecting your health and that of your loved ones. 

Types of eco-friendly pest control

There are many different methods you can use to control pests that are also safe for the environment. Here are some things you can try to keep pests away from your home and garden. 

Plant herbs

Some herbs are a natural pest control like mint, lavender, rosemary. Whether you plant these herbs in your garden or inside your home, they can help reduce the number of bugs. Some of these herbs, like lavender, are considered companion plants. That is, they attract insects that are beneficial for plants while deterring pests that are a problem. 

Use seasoning

Similar to herbs, some seasonings can deter pests. Sprinkle ones like cinnamon, paprika, salt, and turmeric along your windows and other spaces where bugs tend to enter your home. You can also put some of these seasonings in small bags or containers inside your cupboards, on bookshelves or any other space you’ve found bugs. 

Use vinegar

Selecting natural products to clean around your home can also be beneficial for pest control. Vinegar is a great cleaning product when mixed with water. You can also add some essential oils like peppermint for a fresh scent around your home. When you use vinegar, it removes messes and food smells, so that the bugs won’t be attracted to your kitchen or your home. Bugs have also been known to dislike clove oil and garlic. Try spraying some water/garlic mix around your window sills as a natural pest repellant. 

Citrus spray

Orange, lemon and lime peels can be used to create a citrus spray that you can use around your home to deter pests. The nice part is that it will give your home a fresh, clean smell. Yet, many insects don’t like the scent. You can also use citrus peels in your garden. It can be a pest repellant and fertilizer for your plants. 

Coffee grounds

After coffee grounds are brewed, they have a powerful scent. Pests do not like this smell. Consider using your used coffee grounds as an insect repellant. You can put them outside where you see small holes or cracks that pests can get into or leave them sitting on your window sill. 

Sticky tape

It may not be the most attractive option, but using sticky tape to catch flies and other flying insects can be an efficient way to get them out of your home. You can also look into sticky boards or tape that you can lay down to catch insects that crawl. 

Seal food

If your food is sealed tight in glass or stainless steel containers, it won’t attract pests looking for a meal. And while it is not necessarily a pest control method, it can help keep bugs out of your home. 


Not all pests that invade your home are insects. Consider using traps instead of bait to capture mice and rats rooming your halls. This allows you to remove the dead pest from your home easily. It also reduces the risk that your pets or young children will find the poison bait. 

Advantages of eco-friendly pest control

There are plenty of good reasons to choose eco-friendly pest control methods, including keeping toxic pesticides off your property. Here are some other things to consider about eco-friendly pest control.

Better results

You can see results that are on par or better when you use eco-friendly pest control methods rather than traditional ones. Some can also have more long-term effects. One of the reasons is that pests can develop a resistance to pesticides. And that can make it more challenging to get rid of insects and bugs through chemical treatment. This does not happen with eco-friendly pest control. 

Protect greenery

Using eco-friendly pest control solutions means you won’t have to worry about damaging your yard. You’ll be able to ensure your grass, trees, plants, etc., are protected from the damage that chemicals can cause. Moreover, these chemicals can get into your soil and cause trouble with future plant growth. 

Protect your pets

Some chemicals used to get rid of insects in and around your home can be toxic for your pets. Some animals may eat these chemicals and get very sick or even die. Employing eco-friendly methods instead can help you protect your furry family members. 

More convenient

Traditional pest control methods require you to clear out the food from your home and leave for a short time. By using eco-friendly tactics, you’ll be able to stay home while still fighting bugs and insects. Consider it a no-disruption solution. 

Clean air

After pesticides have been applied, there can be a strong smell in the air, and you can breathe in some of the chemicals. Ecofriendly alternatives to pest control won’t linger in the same way. This makes it more pleasant and healthier to be in your space. 

For a professional eco-friendly solution to pest control, contact SWAT Wildlife. Let us help you rid your home of unwanted wildlife and pests. 

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