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Animal control tips for the winter

When the weather starts to get colder, some birds will go south for the winter, and other animals will hibernate. Yet, other animals linger despite the falling temperatures. These are the ones that can cause property damage as they search for ways and spaces to keep warm.

If your home has become an unsuspecting host to wildlife, you can always call an animal control professional to help rid you of unwanted critters. Animal control specialists like SWAT Wildlife also offer winter-proofing services so you can avoid animal control hassles for the winter.

Animal control tips for the winter months

When it gets colder, those animals that don’t hibernate for the winter will still look for warmer spaces to create shelter. This can often be inside your home or garage. And they make messy guests. Here are some species-centric tips to help you control wildlife around your home this winter.


One of the biggest pests that homeowners fear is the raccoon. These pesky animals have been known to love setting up house in attics during the colder months. However, it might take some time for you to notice them as they tend to sleep for long periods during winter, though they don’t actually hibernate.

During the winter, raccoons are more likely to live in groups. So, if you think you have a raccoon in your home, you might in fact have many. They pose a risk to you and your family and guests. They can be aggressive, and the destruction they leave behind may also be a health risk.

The best way to handle a raccoon living in your attic is to call an animal control specialist to have them inspect and remove the pest. There are many different signs to watch for that indicate you have a raccoon living in your attic.


Squirrels do not hibernate or hide during winter but continue to stay active. However, you may see them less as they tend to store nuts and berries away in a few safe places. This means they are more likely to stay in one of those safe places for a long time. The downside is that they may stash food in your attic and consider it a safe place.

The good news is that if you hear strange noises in your attic or walls and you suspect it’s squirrels, they won’t stay for long. Once their food stash has been consumed, they’ll move on to a different one somewhere else. And chances are that will not be in your home.

Unfortunately, squirrels can do a lot of damage even if they only stay a short time. They will damage the insulation and wood, plus the food scraps they leave behind might mean you’ll have an insect infestation to grapple with as well. So, if you do hear noises in your attic, it’s a good idea to call an animal control specialist. You’ll be able to prevent expensive damage to your property by having them removed quickly.


Another pest that you may see more of indoors during winter is mice. These critters can make a mess of your cupboards and inside the walls. They also pose a health risk as they can spread disease and sickness. Don’t forget that they reproduce quickly, which means you may have a bigger mouse problem in a short time. It’s best to call in animal control right away to get rid of the pests.


Skunks do not usually spend the winter inside your home, but they can still make a mess of your property. That’s because they often make their dens under porches or decks. And, when winter comes, they usually stick together. So, if you notice one skunk burrowing under your home, it’s likely he has lots of company there. Netting or chicken wire can help deter skunks from any open areas they may want to dig in for the winter. Calling animal control specialists to help you with the skunk problem can help you prevent a stinky mess in the spring.

Ways to protect your home from wildlife

Having animals move into your home for the winter can be a major nuisance. Calling animal control services like Swat Wildlife can help you rid your space of pests. But there are some steps you can take to protect your home from critters, including:

  • Secure your windows and doors – use screens and check for any cracks or small spaces where pests could gain access to your home.
  • Use vent screens – there are some holes in your home that can’t be secured up, like your vents. In these cases, fit them with screens, which should keep unwanted wildlife out.
  • Clean up your yard – be sure to clear your garden to avoid animals being attracted by the food. It’s also a good idea to keep your plants trimmed and away from your house as they lead critters and insects right to your door.
  • Lock down your trash – be sure to have tight-fitting lids on your trash cans, which can deter any wildlife from using your garbage for their next meal. If animals can easily find food near your home, it makes your place seem like an ideal spot to set up house.
  • Clear gutters – it’s a good idea to clean your gutters around the fall so you can remove any animal nests that may be set up for winter.

Why call Swat Wildlife?

Getting Rid of Unwanted House Guests This Winter- SWAT Wildlife

Sharing your home with unwanted wildlife is never a homeowner’s idea of a winter well spent. SWAT Wildlife can help you deter pests with our preventative animal control services. We’re also skilled at removing animals that have already moved in with our humane wildlife removal services.

At SWAT Wildlife, we offer a 100 percent guarantee on our work, so you can be confident that calling SWAT Wildlife is the best way to deal with your animal control problems this winter.

Contact us now for a free quote.

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