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Wildlife Removal in Toronto. Which animals to watch for?

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Nobody wants to have their home invaded by animal intruders. In Toronto, there are a range of animals that might invade your property, that we can help you deal with.


Raccoons can cause a lot of property damage if you don’t get them out of your home quickly. Once they’re inside, a raccoon can wreak havoc on your insulation and air ducts. If your chimney isn’t secured, this could be another spot for raccoons for to get into your home. If you find raccoons in your attic or crawl space, then SWAT can remove them and their young safely, and humanely.


Squirrels are a nuisance, due to how much they chew. There are few materials that squirrels can’t chew through, which is they often get into attics. If you don’t remove the squirrels, the population in your attic can grow quickly, doing more and more damage. Squirrels also make annoying noises when they run around in your ceilings and walls. If one dies, the smell of decay can linger for days.

Our squirrel removal team uses one-way doors and live traps to make sure the squirrels are removed, not trapped inside your house where they can cause more damage. We seal all entry points with a heavy gauge screening, so the squirrels can’t return.


In areas where humans live, skunks often burrow under homes, porches, decks, and sheds. If you don’t handle a skunk problem, they can cause damage to your home, and even put your health at risk.

The main problem is that you or your pets could be sprayed by the skunk if they feel defensive. If they don’t spray you, their dens can smell awful. Skunks also dig holes in your yard when they look for insects to eat.

They’re also a common carrier of rabies and other dangerous diseases. If you think a skunk has moved in, call us at SWAT Wildlife to humanely move them on.


Birds might not seem like an obvious problem, but if left to nest around your home, their droppings can actually corrode your shingles, stone, and guttering, or even cause a roof to collapse. Nests can block drains and air vents, causing ventilation and drainage problems. We can humanely move them before they establish nesting sites.


Rats can spread diseases and contaminate your or your pet’s food. They cause damage by chewing through your burrows or nests. If they chew wiring, this can start fires.

Rats are nocturnal, so they make a lot of noise at night when you’re trying to sleep. They can also cause unpleasant smells if they die behind your walls.

Our team will inspect your property and treat the problem. We can remove the animals from your home by sealing up entry points or using traps. We can use different methods, like bait, traps, and exclusion to get rid of the problem.


You must deal with a mouse problem quickly before they breed. If they look for food in your kitchen, they can contaminate your food. They can gnaw into lots of different containers, and leave droppings everywhere.

Mice can cause a lot of damage by chewing through walls, wires, and insulation. Chewed wires are a fire hazard.

Our professionals will inspect your home to find where the mice are. We then treat your home with rodenticides sealed in bait stations, where they cannot harm children or pets. Within three weeks, the population will decline, and after six months there will be no live mice left.


Opossums are usually found under decks, steps, sheds, porches, and garages. They’ll stick around as long as there is food. They carry fleas and can bite pets. They also carry rabies and other diseases.

If they get into your attic they can tear up insulation and anything else, to make nests. The smell caused by droppings is also a problem. Call a professional to handle an opossum problem.


A small bat colony isn’t too big a problem, but a growing one is. Bats produce a lot of droppings, which, if left to accumulate, can cause a foul smell throughout the house.

Bats can carry rabies, which can be lethal. You should leave their removal to professionals like SWAT Wildlife. We will find their entry points and seal them, so no bats can return to your property.

Whatever your animal problem, SWAT Wildlife can help you to solve it, whether you have pigeons, bats, or raccoons making themselves at home in your attic.

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