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Tips for Keeping Bats Away from Your Home

Having bats near your home can be uncomfortable and you may be wondering how you can get the animals to leave. Bats are known to carry certain diseases that can be transmitted to humans through their dropping or bites. Some medical professionals will recommend you get a rabies vaccination if you just see a bat in your home. Keeping that in mind, you may want to take certain actions to ensure bats can’t get into your sanctuary.

Presence of Dead Trees

Does your yard have a dead tree that you’ve never bothered to have removed? You should get on that because one of bats favorite places to live is in dead trees. Any dead trees near your home should be cut down and removed as soon as possible. If the bats in your area can’t find a place to live near your home, they are going to move on to another location. This can prevent the problem in some cases.

Standing Water Nearby

Another thing that can draw in bats is standing water. Do you have birdbaths in your yard? Maybe you keep rain catchers outside of your home. In either case, these things should be removed if bats are starting to take over and you want to prevent them from getting inside. When there is a constant source of water waiting, bats are much more likely to spend time at your home. The more bats there are, the most likely one will make it inside.

Lots of Insects to Dine On

Did you know what bats primarily make their diet of insects? It’s true. This is also why having a yard that is filled with insects can make your home appealing to bats which might be in the area. Finding a solution for removing the bugs and insects near your home can keep the bats away. They’re going to want to search elsewhere for a spot where feeding is easier for them.

Removing Bats from Your Home or Business

If you already have bats living near your porch or in your shutters, there are a few ways to get rid of them. Bats can be loud and annoying, so you want to remove them and then keep them from coming back. One of the easiest ways to make the bats fly off elsewhere is to direct bright light at them. Bats hate lights and will move on, but keep in mind that light can also attract insects, so there is a negative to this method.

Natural repellents can be used in areas where bats are. The scents of these products are unpleasant to bats, so they don’t want to stick around. Some of the top options are menthol, cinnamon, peppermint, green tea, and eucalyptus.

If nothing is working and you need some help, consider bringing in a wildlife removal company to help. Swat Wildlife has the tools and training to handle bats near you home, along with other nuisance animals.

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