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The Benefits of Attic Restoration Services

Are you considering restoring your attic? For many people, their attics is a neglected areas of their homes. Their roof space is often somewhere that is either left completely untouched or only used when they run out of room for storage in other areas of their property.

But whether your attic is currently a wasted space or packed with all the items you need to store, it is crucial to take care of this area of your home.

If you are wondering why you may need an attic restoration and the benefits of having this work carried out at your property, this information is essential reading. Look at the benefits that can be gained by restoring your attic.

Is There an Issue with Your Attic?

You may only spend a little time thinking about your attic apart from when you need to head up to get the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. But there could be more in your roof space than you realize.

Unfortunately, your home’s attic provides the perfect residence for raccoons and other wildlife, such as birds, rats, squirrels, and more uninvited guests.

If you have been trying to ignore scratching sounds from your attic and a bad smell emanating from the roof space, you could be shocked when you open up the hatch and look inside. Having an attic restoration carried out is the best way to get these potential issues dealt with quickly and efficiently. The best news is that having a professional attic restoration means you do not need to do the hard work yourself; it is all taken care of on your behalf. 

Full Assessment of Your Attic Space

A successful attic restoration begins with a full assessment of the attic space. When you have had wildlife in your roof space, there can be a lot of damage and mess to deal with.

We will examine what needs to be done, ready for the restoration to take place. We will then complete every aspect of the restoration for you.

This YouTube video shows the damage and mess that can be caused when wildlife, such as raccoons, are in your attic.

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Creates a Safe Space

Unfortunately, pests can harbor infectious diseases, and their feces and urine are highly unpleasant to find (and smell) in your attic. So, removing these creatures from your home and having a complete cleanup and restoration take place is essential to make it safe.

Our team will work on removing all the mess and damaged insulation created by wildlife in your attic. After carefully removing the damaged items, we will disinfect and deodorize your attic to make it fresh and clean for you to use.

Helps to Improve Temperature Control at Your Home

The cold and warm air generated by your furnace and HVAC escape through your roof. It is for this reason that having effective insulation is so important. Unfortunately, your attic insulation is an attractive resource for wildlife, and they will pull it apart to use as bedding and to gain access to areas of your roof space.

This destruction is messy and impacts your ability to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. As part of our attic restoration service, we will replace your insulation to ensure your home is fully insulated.

This will allow you to have effective temperature control in your home and keep it at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Could Reduce Your Energy Bills

The use of insulation to reduce your home’s energy consumption is something that the EPA recommends. While insulation in your attic is essential to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it also reduces energy bills. A poorly insulated home places additional pressure on your HVAC system and furnace as they need to work harder to keep your home at your chosen temperature.

This is because the hot and cold air they generate escape through your uninsulated roof. So, the better insulated your attic is, the less chance there is of warm and cold air escaping through your roof. This means less work for your furnace and HVAC and lower energy bills.

Provides You with Extra Room in Your Home

After your attic has been cleaned up, new insulation has been installed, deodorized, and disinfected. You will again have a functioning attic. With your attic back in great shape, it allows you to make the most of this extra room in your home and use it to its full potential.

A clean, dry, well-insulated attic makes the perfect storage space and is an excellent asset for your home. You may even decide to transform your attic into a living space. Whatever you decide, once the cleanup is complete, you will have the opportunity to use your fresh, clean attic however you wish, without any uninvited creatures in sight.

How SWAT WILDLIFE Can Help Take Care of Your Attic Restoration

Here at SWAT WILDLIFE, we are experts in humane wildlife removal and can now offer an attic restoration service. Our attic restoration service provides complete restoration, which is precisely what is needed after pests have decided to make your attic their home.

We will carry out a full inspection and provide a detailed assessment of the work needed to restore your attic before taking care of the cleanup on your behalf. Our hassle-free service takes care of this messy job on your behalf to get your attic pest-free and as good as new.

After your attic restoration is completed, we can also help you by pest-proofing your home. Taking steps to reduce how wildlife can access your home should help prevent further messy cleanup jobs in the future.

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