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Raccoons and Pets: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe in Canada

Raccoons and pet dog hanging out together.

Raccoons are iconic North American creatures known for their black masks and dexterous paws. Often the subject of human fascination due to mischievous behaviour, these resilient mammals have successfully increased in Canada’s urban and suburban landscapes. 

As a pet owner, though, interactions between raccoons and your beloved companions can spell potential harm. Here at SWAT Wildlife, we provide comprehensive wildlife removal services across Canada. 

We strive to enable humans and wildlife to coexist peacefully, starting with ensuring your pets are safe from these clever intruders.

The Urban Bandit: Understanding Raccoons

Raccoons, master adapters who thrive in various environments, have ingenious paws that can manipulate and open objects and intuitive minds that solve problems swiftly. Rampant in most parts of Canada, these intriguing urban bandits often venture into human habitats searching for food. 

They are notorious for ransacking garbage bins, nesting in attics and occasionally reaching out to our pets’ food bowls and water sources. 

Despite their generally harmless disposition, these encounters can spell potential troubles for your pet’s safety.

Potential Dangers from Raccoons to Pets

The prime concern arising from raccoon-pet interactions is the transmission of diseases. While Canada boasts relatively low cases of raccoon-variant rabies, the threat cannot be eliminated. A raccoon could infect pets with this fatal virus through bites or scratches. 

They may also carry other infectious diseases like canine distemper and parvovirus, causing significant harm to pets.

Beyond diseases, raccoons might provoke pets, triggering confrontations that could injure your furry friends. Raccoons are wild animals equipped with sharp claws and teeth, and although they often avoid confrontations, they might defend themselves when threatened by pets. 

The stress and anxiety from an unexpected raccoon encounter could also lead to behavioural changes in pets.

Strategies to Protect Pets from Raccoon Encounters: A Canadian Perspective

As a responsible pet owner, you might be concerned about keeping your pets safe from raccoon encounters. Let us guide you through some proactive steps that can drastically reduce such interactions.

Indoor Feeding: A Simple Preventative Measure

An outdoor food dish is an open invitation for raccoons. To prevent unexpected meet-ups, feed your pets indoors or promptly remove the dishes after outdoor feeding.

Securing Trash and Compost Bins

Remember, a raccoon’s ingenious mind and dexterous paws can effortlessly open unsecured trash and compost bins. Ensure your containers have tightly fitting lids and are secured with locks or weights to deter raccoons.

Immunize Pets: A Crucial Protective Wall

Up-to-date vaccinations play an instrumental role in protecting your pets from raccoon-variant rabies and other infectious diseases. Consult your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s vaccine schedule is updated.

Deny Comfort: Limiting Raccoon Nesting Sites

Keep your yards clean by removing piled wood, closing off sheds, and ensuring your attics are secured. Discouraging raccoon occupancy near your home can keep your pets’ space safe.

The Professionals: How SWAT Wildlife Can Help

Unexpected raccoon intrusions can be overwhelming from a homeowner’s perspective. Never attempt to engage with a raccoon directly; they might perceive it as a threat which could provoke aggression. Instead, contact wildlife removal experts like SWAT Wildlife.

We offer comprehensive animal removal services, focusing on the humane and safe handling of raccoons. Our team ensures that the removal process is aligned with current local bylaws and regulations, emphasizing animal-safe, stress-free management. 

From dead animal removal to proofing roof vents, exhausts, and deck screening, we strive to protect your homes from these crafty invaders.

Our experienced team extends its wildlife removal and preventative services across Toronto, Hamilton, and surrounding areas.

A Harmonious Coexistence: The Canadian Way

Raccoons are integral to Canada’s natural biodiversity. While ensuring our pets’ safety, respecting these creatures as our urban cohabitants is equally important. 

Implementing thoughtful measures to minimize interactions with raccoons can significantly reduce potential risks to pets while allowing the raccoons to live undisturbed.


At SWAT Wildlife, we believe in balancing human needs and wildlife welfare. In the vast urban expanse of Canada, it is possible to coexist with wildlife, which enriches our environment, teaches us about biodiversity, and adds character to our cities and neighbourhoods.

By staying informed and prepared, we can ensure a harmonious coexistence. And remember, for any wildlife interventions, always seek help from professionals like SWAT Wildlife.
Stay tuned for more practical tips and information on managing Canadian urban wildlife. After all, sharing is caring — whether with our pets or wild friends. Contact us today.

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