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How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Red Squirrel Looking Around a Tree

Squirrels are common rodents but they can create problems in higher numbers. For example, squirrels can cause damage inside walls and crawl spaces, and attics as they burrow for shelter or food. They may also carry fleas and ticks that could spread disease. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of squirrels and in more extreme cases you can hire services for squirrel removal in Toronto, and the surrounding area. They will safely remove squirrels and other pests before they cause problems for your home. If you have an issue with squirrels, here are a few tips on how to get rid of them.

Look for signs of damage

The first step to squirrel removal is to look for telltale signs you may have a problem with these pests. These include damaged plants, holes that have been dug out, and droppings. If you have bird feeders, check these for damage as well. If the squirrel problem is inside the building, there will be other signs you can look out for. Squirrels are noisy, especially if they’re inside the attic or walls. They also often make holes in insulation and siding. If you notice any of these signs get in touch with a squirrel removal company.

Seal off any entry points

To prevent squirrels from coming in find and seal off any entry points. You could fill any holes in your home’s exterior. Try putting newspaper in the holes first to see if the squirrels move it, if it’s still there after a couple of days you can have the holes professionally sealed. Look for cracks and crevices that could be big enough for a squirrel to get through and seal these with caulk or foam.

Prune your trees

Often trees provide squirrels access to your yard and home, so it’s important to prevent this. Trim back any tree branches that touch the house or hang over the roof. Squirrels can jump up to approximately ten feet so prune any trees and bushes that are within ten feet of your home.

Install protection guards

Install protection against squirrels at various access points. You could attach a cage of wire mesh around drains and gutters, for example. Squirrels won’t be able to claw or bite their way through this type of material. You can also prevent them from climbing by attaching a wide metal collar to tall trees and poles. They won’t be able to climb past it if it’s at least about two feet wide. If squirrels are accessing your house from the roof you could put covers on your gutters and downspouts.

Keep your yard tidy

An untidy yard will be more likely to attract squirrels. Try to keep on top of yard maintenance. Rake up leaves and other debris and get rid of garden waste. It’s especially important to clean up debris that’s piling up near the house as this could encourage squirrels to enter. Keep indoors clean as well, particularly your attic and basement. Ensure there’s no build-up of debris and clear out any waste.

Get rid of food or water sources

Squirrels can forage food from a number of sources. Always ensure your trash cans and bags are properly sealed and clean them out every so often. Frequently rake up any fruit or nuts from trees and plants. These will rot on the ground if not and will attract squirrels. If you have pets, don’t leave pet food out. Put it away in a sealed container once your pets have eaten. Hang any bird feeders away from your house and you could even consider getting squirrel-proof feeders.

Squirrels will also be looking for water so try to prevent a build-up of standing water. If any puddles remain for a while after it rains you could consider filling the holes. Certain garden ornaments might also fill up with water so ensure they are properly drained. Inspect your property for any other areas of standing water.

Get a squirrel feeder

Even though you’re trying to get rid of squirrels, one way to keep them out of your home and off your bird feeders is to provide them with their own feeder. This should deter them from looking for food sources elsewhere. You can buy feeders that are specially designed for squirrels that won’t attract other pests.

Cover flower beds with mulch

If squirrels are constantly digging up your flower beds you could try covering these up with mulch. Pack mulch around all your plants and this should stop them. You could also consider watering your flower beds and lawn with a sprinkler as these might scare away squirrels. If you grow your own vegetables you can also cover these with netting to prevent squirrels from stealing them or digging them up.

Use natural squirrel repellents

There are several natural squirrel repellents you can try before resorting to poison or traps. Squirrels don’t like the smell of vinegar so you can spray these around the edges of your property and at any potential access points. You could even plant mint in your garden as the smell will also put off squirrels. Other natural squirrel repellents include safflower seeds and cayenne pepper. If you include safflower seeds in your bird feeder mix this will stop squirrels from eating it. Alternatively, sprinkle cayenne pepper on other potential food sources.

Contact squirrel removal services

Squirrels can be a nuisance inside or outside your property. If you have a problem with squirrels, the best thing to do is to contact local squirrel removal services. They will be able to resolve the issue and give you more tips and advice on how to get rid of squirrels. They will use safe techniques to ensure the removal of squirrels and also help prevent their access in the future. Squirrels can cause damage to your home and garden, so it’s advisable to seek professional help. If you’re in need of squirrel removal in Toronto, get in touch today.

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