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Can You Get Pest Control During the Pandemic?

It sounds peculiar to some, but pests won’t take a break because of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, mice or rats, bugs, and all of the other creatures that can try to inhabit our homes and properties are impervious to the virus. They know nothing about the millions of people now sitting at home to protect themselves from the outbreak. And so, it is still a time when pest control may be needed.

The big question then becomes – can you have pest control at your home or property during a quarantine or shelter in place situation? In a word: Yes. In almost all areas, pest control was identified as an essential service and the skilled experts offering this work are making themselves available.

Does it mean all providers are alike? No. When you discover that you have a pest issue and that it is time for an expert to help you with the problem, you want to ensure the following:

  • The company should have an easy to find COVID-19 or coronavirus message or statement. It may be a popup at their site or a full page dedicated to the steps being taken at the firm
  • They should indicate that they are monitoring the situation and changing information to keep staff and customers safe
  • They should explain that their teams are using the recommendations made by medical groups, like the CDC
  • They should limit exposure to homes with infected individuals
  • They should have their teams practicing frequent handwashing
  • They should train their people to know the symptoms of the virus
  • Their teams should arrive with protective equipment in place such as gloves, sanitizing treatments for the hands, and methods for sanitizing equipment used
  • They should have a stay-at-home policy in place for any staff under the weather
  • They should request their teams avoid non-essential activities and travel

Additionally, it is not always necessary for a pest control professional to come inside of the home. While there may be a pest problem inside, there are some exterior treatments that can start to make a protective barrier. Some firms may even return to do an interior treatment during a safer time.

If a customer is also a business, the best pest control services will be able to handle treatment indoors and out, whether the business is in operation. If there are regularly scheduled services, these should proceed.

This Spring

In many areas, in addition to the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the weather has been a bit warmer and wetter than normal. This means an early start to the pest season. That can make things even more challenging for those who find themselves facing some sort of pest issue.

The good news is that pest control is essential and the experts who have always offered service are still able to do so. At SWAT Wildlife, customers can count on all appropriate social distancing methods to be in place and for the team to keep a watchful eye on the changing situation while keeping homes and businesses free of trouble.

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