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Bird Removal – Dos and Don’ts

Birds on the roof

We all love to see wildlife in our garden and it can bring your outdoor space alive from bird songs to crickets chirping. However, there may come a point in which this wildlife inhabits a place on your property and usually in a place that’s likely inconvenient for you and your household. With that being said, it’s something that you want to handle with care, especially as some of the wildlife you find, maybe endangered or need a cautious approach. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to bird removal.

DO Find Out What It’s Attracted To

There’s likely to be a reason how they came about the place they’re in, to begin with. It might be access to food, water, shelter or even an emotional connection to space. Although it’s something that sounds obvious, it’s often hard to figure out yourself and that’s why it’s often necessary to seek the help of professionals to assess the birds that have taken to your home and understand why they are there in the first place.

By knowing what has attracted them to the spot, the right method can be used to remove the birds without causing harm. This can be through light, medium or heavy pressure.

DON’T Attempt to Remove Them Yourself

The methods that are used to remove wildlife, in general, will have been conducted based on the bird’s behaviour and what is best for their health and wellbeing. That’s why there are different levels of pressure used. It’s important that you don’t try to remove them yourself or make any attempt to do so. You might cause them harm in the process or you could find yourself in harm’s way as a result.

So what are the pressures that are used to remove wildlife, particularly birds?

DO Try to Gather Information on The Birds

When you initially discover the wildlife in your home or around it, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what bird types they are and how many seem to be going to that spot at one time. This can be useful information to relay to those professionals who’ll come and remove the wildlife for you.

Even though they might be a nuisance, it’s interesting to learn about what type of bird they are and how they’ve come to be about on your property. After all, they’re simply trying to thrive and survive, just like us humans are trying to do too.

Don’t Encourage Inhumane Removals

Sadly, there are services out there that will remove the wildlife in less careful ways and in some instances, they’ll exterminate rather than gently coaxing them out of their area. With that being said, it’s important to try and discourage these inhumane removals and it’s something that here at SWAT Wildlife, we’ve been trying to combat. As we care about the animals and they deserve to live.

Inhumane removals aren’t the best outcome for the birds and it can be quite a distressing experience all around.

Do Be Wary of Dangers

Even though some wildlife can be completely harmless, any of us as humans would likely become fearful or guarded if we felt threatened. The same goes for some birds too but in most cases, they’re more likely to fly away when you approach them.

What often comes from birds though is the bacteria they bring with them. Some birds aren’t as clean and can produce droppings whereby the acid from them can end up corroding your gutters, shingle and even stone! With too much bird poop, it can result in an increased weight on your roof, resulting in a collapse.

There’s also the issue that comes with birds when they nest in that they can end up clogging important pipes, drains and gutters that could severely impact your home in a variety of ways. If all this isn’t something that’s tackled straight away, it could end up attracting other forms of nasty pests and wildlife.

The Three Pressures

Depending on the birds themselves and the situation they’re in, the amount of pressure applied will have been picked specifically to ensure they’re moved effectively.

Light Pressure

Often enough, you may find that some birds simply come onto your premises to assess the area and to see whether or not there’s any suitable space available for them to shelter or to find food. Light pressure in this case is applied to ensure they don’t do anything more than look around and fly away.

Medium Pressure

Medium pressures come when the location is being used by birds to stay for longer periods because of the finding of food and water.

Bird spikes are often used in this instance to ensure they don’t rest around your home.

High Pressure

And finally, with high pressure, this is saved for only the more stubborn bird types. If the birds are finding a new home on your property, then more pressure is required and as such, often the spikes become heated to help keep them away.

Finding A Bird Removal Service Toronto

With bird removal Toronto, finding a service that can help remove these birds safely and with as much caution as possible is important. Therefore, you may want to consider our services here at SWAT Wildlife to take care of the problem without causing any harm to the birds themselves.

With our services, we use trained professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable to handle all types of bird wildlife removal, wherever you may have found them. We also help alert you to any problems in which damage may have been caused to the property as a result of the wildlife. That way, you can go about getting this fixed before it hinders your home even more so.

Call SWAT Wildlife today and let us help you remove the problem in a safe and controlled manner.

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