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What Are The Most Common Forms Of Demolition?

Are you trying to remove an old structure from your land without affecting the surrounding wildlife? SWAT Wildlife can help you with humane demolition services. Read on to find out about the most common forms of demolition available with SWAT Wildlife.


What Are Demolition Services?

Demolition services are companies like SWAT Wildlife that help you clear structures safely so that spaces can be used for different functions. We additionally ensure that wildlife is safely removed from these structures and moved to a safe location. The structure can be completely taken away or partially dismantled, depending on the level of demolition needed.

Why Are Humane Demolition Services Important?

Humane demolition services ensure that all wildlife is safely removed from the structure before demolition. While some services may not be aware of the presence of wildlife, humane demolition services can identify and safely remove the wildlife from the structure. They will also ensure that debris and items are properly cleaned up so that pests are not attracted to the area after demolition.

How Do Demolition Services Work?

Demolition services involve an initial consultation with the site owner, an assessment of the structure, and a detailed plan to outline how the demolition and clean-up will be carried out. The demolition services provided will include:


  • A comprehensive risk assessment of wildlife, water damage, structure collapse before demolition, or any areas of the structure that need protecting.
  • A building survey of large structures to provide a structural assessment of the building and inform the demolition process.
  • Local authority approval where required, and adherence to local regulations and planning permissions.
  • The demolition services will be scheduled and carried out safely on the assigned day.
  • A member of the SWAT Wildlife team will come and ensure debris is safely removed from the property.
  • An after-care assessment will be carried out to ensure that there is no risk of returning pests or wildlife.


Demolition services are an end-to-end risk assessment, demolition and clean-up process to ensure that the job is carried out properly.


Wildlife Assessment Survey

A wildlife assessment survey will take place alongside a risk assessment to ensure that the structure is safe to be demolished. We ensure there is no wildlife actively on the property, and if so, ensure it is safely trapped and removed. Our services also include the removal of dead animals and hygiene management before any demolition takes place.

Dismantling And Deconstruction

Dismantling is a careful form of demolition that involves gradually taking away parts of the structure. This is used when wildlife may need to be safely removed, or where certain materials can be recycled. Dismantling is more time intensive than other forms of demolition, which is why hiring a team of professionals can save you time and ensure that deconstruction takes place safely.

Selective Demolition

Is part of your old barn or storage structure rotten and in need of repair? Selective demolition can help you preserve the rest of the building while taking away the damaged structure. It can also help add value to the existing structure without taking it apart completely. SWAT Wildlife also ensures that the selected demolition site is free from wildlife. If any part of the building has an active wildlife population, we will conduct a review of the entire site in case wildlife control services are also required. 

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition involves the clearance and removal of internal structures while preserving the exterior of a building. If you have larger storage structures on your land where the interior is rotted through or damaged, interior demolition might help you. Interior demolition should always be carried out by qualified professionals like SWAT wildlife. This is because you will need to ensure the exterior of the building is still structurally sound after the interior is dismantled.

Complete Demolition

Complete, or total, demolition is the complete removal of a structure. This could also refer to the complete dismantling and deconstruction of a shed, barn, or decking structure. This form of demolition is used when the space is going to be completely repurposed, and there is no part of the structure that can be recycled or reused.

Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical demolition uses specialized excavators and tools to demolish a structure. These are usually necessary where steel or concrete structures are involved. Demolition robots also help with mechanical demolition when smaller structures are involved. Mechanical devices help to chew through metal or concrete easily, speeding up the demolition process.

Explosive Demolition

Explosive, or implosive demolition is a form of total demolition performed on larger structures. It uses controlled explosive devices so that the structure being demolished collapses in on itself. It is highly unlikely that SWAT Wildlife will engage in this form of demolition, as it can be detrimental to surrounding wildlife. 

Disposal And Clean Up

Demolition can result in a large number of waste materials and debris around the former structure. A demolition service can help by fulfilling clean-up and disposal services. This ensures that all items are safely removed without affecting or putting the surrounding wildlife at risk. SWAT Wildlife restores the surrounding land to a nature-friendly environment. The clean-up process also prevents debris from attracting pets like raccoons to the area.

SWAT Wildlife: Demolition Experts

SWAT Wildlife offers humane demolition services and is an expert in all forms of structure removal. Whether you need a large steel structure demolished, or your derelict decking removed, we’re here for you. Our wildlife-focused approach also ensures animals are safely removed and that pests do not return. From the initial consultation to clean-up, we ensure that all demolition is carried out by our expert team of professionals.

Do you need a structure demolished? Contact us today for your free quote and initial consultation on our humane demolition services.

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