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Tips for Homes with Unexpected Mice Issues

Tips for Homes with Unexpected Mice Issues

You might be shocked to discover that an area of your home has suddenly developed a mouse issue. Unfortunately, late autumn is the peak season for mice (and rats, and other critters) to start seeking warmer living conditions, and it is why many people suddenly develop a mouse issue. Though tiny and almost impossible to easily see or detect, they leave impossible to ignore signs of their presence in your home. From droppings to chewed wires and wildly expensive damages, they are a problem that must be dealt with quickly.

Why? Mice are not passive creatures that lay around all winter. They nest, and they reproduce at a pace that most of us find astonishing. If you have found even slight traces of their presence, now is the time to take action and address the issue before it gets much worse.

Talk to Experts

You can walk into almost any hardware store, grocery store or big box home improvement store and find any number of products that promise to eliminate the mouse and rat issues fast and forever. And while the products do eliminate the pests, they don’t do so at the source. They often kill the invaders one by one but do nothing about the “why” of their presence.

In other words, those products can work as a temporary fix, but to make your home impervious to them, it often requires a professional. They are going to know just which of the holes, cracks, or issues with a building’s foundation or floors are allowing mice to enter inside. Remember that mice can squeeze into spaces far smaller than their own bodies and that means that holes they use as doorways are surprisingly little. The expert eye is going to be able to take a look at the interior spaces of a home or other building and quickly see where mice might be making their way inside.

The same goes for the ceilings and windows, pipes and other points of entry they so commonly use. And it is of the utmost importance that these spots are discovered and professionally sealed because mice are not dummies. Once they know how to get inside, they keep right on using that doorway into a warm, wintertime home.

A professional will seal up those entries and in a way that is as close to permanent as is possible. They will also help you take a look around your home’s interior and exterior spaces to understand if you are inadvertently attracting mice. Composting, for example, is a great thing to do, but if your compost heap is very close to the house or other building, it could be too much of an enticement and actually help the mice to see the home and get inside.

Garages are a great spot for mice, and they love filters and wires, often destroying vehicles parked for only a few days in the garage during the winter months.

There are ways to address a mouse infestation on a mouse by mouse basis, but why would you want to take so much time doing so? Call in the experts at SWAT Wildlife and find out the source of the infestation, and take care of it now, before mice settle in for a long winter indoors.

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