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Effective Methods to Keep Skunks Away from Your Property

Skunks on grassy lawn

Skunks, with their distinctive black and white markings, come across as cute creatures — until they unleash their notorious spray. Not only does the odour stay for days, but they can also cause damage to your property. 

Fortunately, there are effective measures you can take to keep them away from your property. This blog will discuss various strategies and techniques to prevent skunk encounters.

Remove Attractive Food Sources For Skunks

Skunks eating food.

Skunks are opportunistic feeders, so eliminating food sources is one of the most crucial steps in keeping them away. Securely store garbage cans in wildlife-proof containers, as they are known to scavenge through trash. Additionally, always clean up pet food bowls and bird feeders at night to avoid attracting them.

Seal Potential Entry Points

Skunks are skilled diggers and can easily create burrows and dens on your property. Inspect your surroundings for openings, including crawl spaces, under decks, and sheds. Seal these entry points with sturdy material such as galvanized hardware cloth or heavy-duty mesh. Ensure that vents, chimneys, and other possible openings are tightly fitted with screens or cap systems.

Maintain a Well-Illuminated Environment

Skunks are nocturnal creatures and prefer the cover of darkness. Installing motion-activated outdoor lighting ensures that your property remains well-lit, which can deter them and other nocturnal animals. Bright lights make them feel exposed, prompting them to seek out more sheltered areas away from your property.

Secure Your Yard and Garden

Skunks are attracted to gardens due to the abundance of insects, fruits, and vegetables. Implement fencing around your garden with buried mesh to deter them from burrowing underneath. Bury the fence at least 12 inches underground, as skunks are proficient diggers. Remember that they can climb, so ensure the fence is at least 3 feet tall and made of sturdy material.

Remove Clutter and Debris

Skunks hiding in debris.

Skunks are attracted to cluttered areas where they can easily hide. Regularly clear away debris such as wood, brush, and leaf heaps. Keeping your yard tidy eliminates potential hiding spots, making the environment less appealing to skunks.

Utilize Natural Skunk Deterrents

Several natural substances can deter skunks due to their strong smells. For instance, peppermint oil, citrus peels, and ammonia are known to be offensive to them. Soak rags or cotton balls in these substances and place them strategically around areas they tend to frequent. However, ensure that these deterrents are placed safely and out of reach of children and pets.

Try Repellents

Commercial skunk repellents can also be effective. Look for repellents that contain predator urine, as skunks are instinctively wary of predators. Apply these repellents to areas susceptible to skunk activity, such as entry points or areas around your garden. Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and reapply as necessary.

Seek Professional Assistance

If the skunk problem persists despite your best efforts, it may be time to seek professional help. Wildlife control specialists have the knowledge and expertise to handle skunk issues safely. They can use humane strategies like live trapping and relocation to remove the skunks from your property without harming them.


Keeping skunks away from your property can be achieved by following these effective methods. By eliminating food sources, securing entry points, maintaining a well-lit environment, and utilizing natural and commercial deterrents, you can create an unwelcoming habitat for skunks. Remember, addressing the skunk issue promptly is crucial to prevent potential damage and ensure your property’s safety and comfort. Contact us today to get started.

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