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How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Backyard And House

squirrel on a tree

Outdoor pests like squirrels and raccoons may look cute, but they can actually be a nuisance to your home and yard. As a result, many people turn to squirrel removal, and animal removal services to protect their property. 

Squirrels are a natural part of the urban landscape, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them! Keep reading to find out more about how you can keep squirrels away from your house and out of your backyard!

Prevent Entry 

One of the first things you should do when dealing with squirrel removal or general animal removal is to identify the entry points. Once you know how these pests are entering your home or yard, you can get to work on preventing them from doing so. 

When squirrels get into a home, it is usually through the roof. Take some time to inspect your roof and exterior walls for any possible entry points like holes, especially on the edges of the roof. If you are trying to keep squirrels out of your yard, you should also consider removing trees that may be nearby or may hang over your fence.

Remove Food Sources

Well-fed squirrels tend to live longer and produce larger litters. Naturally, squirrels are attracted to food sources. But while it may be common sense to not feed the squirrels around your property, you also have to consider indirect food sources.

The sight and smell of fallen nuts, fruit, and other edible goods will attract squirrels and other urban pests. If you have fruit or nut trees on your property, it’s a good idea to pick up any droppings regularly.

Additionally, make sure to place any bird feeders at least 20 meters away from your house, as these can attract squirrels as well. 

You should also take care to properly store your garbage and food scraps. Squirrels and raccoons will chew through plastic garbage bags to get at the good stuff inside!

Deter And Repel

There are also some things you can do to deter squirrels from wanting to enter your property in the first place.

One way is by spraying a commercial repellant on any seeds, fruit, or nuts that may be in your yard. Just remember to reapply it after it rains and take care not to spray it on any fruits or vegetables that you are planning to eat.

You can also try planting vegetation that squirrels hate. For instance, daffodils have a toxin that renders them inedible, and squirrels just can’t stand the taste of snowdrops of hyacinth. 

Take some time to carefully assess your property and consider what may be attracting squirrels, and where squirrels may be entering from. Squirrel removal, raccoon removal, and animal removal don’t have to be an impossible task! 

Are you currently having problems with unwanted urban pests like squirrels or raccoons? Contact us today to find out how we can help rid your Ontario home and yard of unwanted pests!

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