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Do You hear Noises in Your Attic? Signs that Raccoons Live in Your Attic

Signs that Raccoons Live in Your Attic

Raccoons are more likely to invade your home during winter and spring, but they can get into your attic at any time of the year. Sometimes, pregnant raccoon mothers break into attics looking for warm, dry, and safe places for their babies. Therefore, if you suspect that you have raccoons in your attic, then most likely, you will also have to deal with young raccoons.

Signs of Raccoons in Your Attic


Raccoons are large animals, and because of their size and weight, they can make a lot of noise as they lumber around in your attic. Therefore, if you’re hearing thumping noises, then you may have a raccoon problem. Additionally, raccoons are very vocal, especially when they have babies. They will have various cries, growls, barks, and grunts when feeding or when they feel threatened. Baby raccoons often make a chittering sound that you may mistake for bird noises.

Nesting materials

Once raccoons gain entry into your property, you will find signs of nesting materials. Raccoons quickly start making a nest, especially if it’s a pregnant raccoon mother. Because raccoons are ingenious animals, they will use anything to make a nest. This means they’ll get things from outside like leaves and twigs, and also tear up cloth and insulation in the attic. When you find leaves, twigs, and damaged insulation, this is a sign that you may be up against a raccoon.


If you suspect that your home has been invaded by raccoons, check your yard for soft dirt. If your attic is dusty, you may want to check for tracks showing flatfooted paws with five toes. The front paw of a raccoon is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches long. However, the hind paw is about 4-inches long, and it looks similar to a tiny human footprint but with long toes.

Raccoon poop

Another good way to tell whether raccoons have invaded your attic is by looking and sniffing for scat. Raccoons tend to use one area as a latrine, and they won’t leave feces all over the attic. Raccoons’ fecal materials also have a foul smell, and you will most likely be able to smell a buildup of scat from inside your home.

Entry point

You may also know that you have raccoons in your attic through the entry point. Raccoons often get into attics by climbing trees next to a house and onto the roof. Most homes aren’t well-secured to keep wild animals out. Therefore, raccoons may tear holes in the soffit or walls near the roof. Sometimes they can use the vent openings as their entry points. If you see holes in the walls or soffit near your attic, this could be a sign that raccoons have intruded into your attic.

Evict Raccoons in Your Attic

One of the main reasons why you should get rid of raccoons in your attic is because they carry illnesses, and they can spread to you or your loved ones through bites or waste. The most common illness is rabies, but raccoons also have roundworms, distemper, and parasites. Therefore, if you have evidence that raccoons are living in your attic, ensure that you contact professionals to get rid of them. SWAT Wildlife offers humane removal services by experienced technicians.



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