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Best Ways to Trap Mice at Home

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Your home should be your safe place, it should be your sanctuary. So when something comes in and invades your safe place it can completely consume your thoughts. Typically it's pests and unwanted animals that invade our home and our sense of feeling safe and secure. It's not easy to feel safe and happy if you know you have a mouse running around under the cupboards in your kitchen, or lurking in the dark corner of your garage. Mice are one of the top pests to live in our homes without us realizing it. There might just be a clue or two in the form of a nibbled corner to a cereal box, or you might even catch a glimpse of one scurrying around. They're a complete home invasion. So, that's why below we're going to show you some of the best ways that you can trip mice within your home.


Restrict and Sanitise


The first method we have does not necessarily highlight how to remove them, but how you can prevent them from coming into your home in the future. The first thing to do would be to eliminate any entry points that there might be. The most common area for mice to appear is in the garage or the kitchen. You will most likely find a hole in the wall that hasn't been filled in properly, or a gap between the garage door that they can fit between. Filling in these reduces the chances of mice getting in, but there is always the possibility that they will find areas that you don't know about. They seek out the warmth and the smells in your home, so they find any way to get in.


The next is to sanitize the areas where you're most prone to getting mice. They're often attracted to the smells of food that are sweet, or nuts and cheese. So if you have any foods lingering in your garage that shouldn't be there, it's best to move them. It's also a great idea to have a good clean out of any areas where food is kept. Leftover food can leave potent smells that attract mice.




There are many techniques you can use to capture mice. The first we'd like to talk about is a mice trap box with food inside. You can either choose to capture and release the mice you catch, or you can line the food with mice poison that will eliminate the problem for good. This method is very effective as the dark space and smell of the food attract the mice in, and then once they're in they often can't get out as an automatic door closes and shuts them in.


Bait packages are an alternative to use. Rather than a box to go into, the packages are open. Inside the cellophane package are treats that attract the mice, causing them to nibble through the cellophane for it. Feeding in the bait will cause the mouse to die. These are handy at eliminating your mice infestation. It's important to be careful when handling the mouse afterwards as you will usually have to pick it up yourself to remove, rather than opening up a box or holding a trap.


One reliable tactic that has been used for years is the old-fashioned mousetrap, like the ones we would remember from films in our youth. A wooden mouse trap is extremely effective but is no longer the most popular method to use. It has one mouse only use and a mice infestation usually means there will be multiple. So if you're prepared to set multiple traps, this might be the one option for you. Removal is easy as the trap can be held rather than having to touch the mouse.


Hire Services


You could consider hiring services to eliminate the problem for you. If there is a rather large infestation this would be the preferable option rather than trying to tackle it yourself.  SWAT Wildlife will be able to eliminate your problem far more effectively, safely, and in a more timely fashion. Handling the poison and the deceased mice are not for everyone! Services are also cost-effective and you'll likely find you won't have a problem again for quite some time. We offer mice removal services in Toronto and surroundings.

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