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5 Things You Need To Know When You See A Raccoon

Raccoon Looking out of a Trashcan

Do you commonly spot raccoons near or around your home? Perhaps they wander into your garden during the day or at night? If so, then there are a few things you should know about these furry little garbage thieves. 

Raccoons Are Not Friendly Or Tame 

Raccoons in the wild or your yard can seem friendly or even cute. This is particularly true for children who don’t know any better. It’s important to note that raccoons are wild animals. They are not friendly and will often be weary around humans. It is unlikely that a raccoon will approach you; however, they may approach a child. That’s why it’s advised that you teach children to shout something like “Go Away” if a raccoon does begin to approach them. If a raccoon does seem tame, then it is likely injured. This can make the animal more dangerous and more likely to attack you without reason. 

Raccoons Don’t Usually Attack Without A Reason 

If a raccoon is healthy then it’s unlikely to attack you, unless you give it a reason. Watch a raccoon from afar and they are unlikely to approach. Similarly, if you choose to run away from a raccoon, it’s unusual for one to give chase. 

An exception to this would be if a female raccoon is defending her young. While they are still unlikely to attack, they may become more aggressive. Particularly, if they view you as threatening. Their behavior could include arching their back and growling at you. They may even lunge forward. If you are in this situation, it is important to remain calm and back away slowly. Remember, you should always keep your eyes on the raccoon when you are walking away. While it is unusual for them to be aggressive, these animals can be unpredictable. Do not try to back the animal into a corner to scare them. They will feel as though they have no option but to defend themselves. 

Raccoons Often Carry Rabies 

One reason that you should keep your distance from a raccoon is that they often carry rabies. One report has suggested that 20% of raccoons would test positive for rabies. 

Raccoons act differently if they are rabid. It’s important to know these changes so that you can assess a raccoon that could be in your backyard. It’s normal to see raccoons through the day outside foraging for food. However, if one is rapid, then you will need to get a professional to remove them. 

Signs of a rabid raccoon can include an animal that is staggering or moving more slowly than usual. They could be completely oblivious to what is happening around them and may not have noticed you at all. They could also have bite marks on their body and may be constantly screeching. If you do see signs like this, you should contact an animal control expert immediately. 

Raccoons Can Open Doors And Windows 

Many people believe that the problem with raccoons near their homes is that they will get into their garbage and make a mess. While it is true that raccoons often will push over garbage cans and get into the trash, they can also open doors and windows. Researchers have shown this is the case. Raccoons can do this, due to the strength of their paws, their high levels of intelligence, and advanced memory. If a raccoon learns to push a window open once, it will do it again and again. Particularly, if it led them to food the first time. This is why if you do spot a raccoon or multiple raccoons near your house, you should lock all the doors and windows. Particularly, if you have handles that only need to be pushed down. 

You might also want to think about securing dog and cat doors too. Raccoons can and will get into your home, given the opportunity. If you do find a raccoon in your house, it’s always best to contact a raccoon removal service Toronto residents trust. They will deal with the issue for you. 

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous To Pets

Some people use their dogs to scare away unwanted raccoons. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous for both animals. If you are dealing with a rabid raccoon, they could easily pass the infection to your animal. For this reason, it’s best to keep your pet away from a wild raccoon where possible. 

Keep these key facts in mind and you can make sure that you never end up in the wrong situation with a wild raccoon. 

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