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Raccoon Removal

Restoration Services

Providing homeowners with attic inspections, attic restoration and clean-up

Raccoon Removal
Restoration Services

Providing homeowners with attic inspections, attic restoration and clean-up

Expert Restoration Services from SWAT Wildlife

Swat restoration is a division of Swatwildlife that provides homeowners with attic inspections, attic restoration and clean-up. Swat restoration will complete a full assessment of your attics insulation, clean up all soiled and contaminated materials while adding and replacing all of your old insulation with new. The benefits of properly insulating your home are that you will make your home more energy-efficient while creating a better R-value thus taking the strain off your furnace and Air conditioning units (HVAC). Apart from insulation damage and contamination caused by the wildlife we also do attic top-ups and check all venting and baffles to make sure your attic is performing as it was meant to.

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Are you looking for a wildlife removal specialist to humanely remove your uninvited raccoon guests? Do you have questions about our removal services? That's what we’re here for!

Our experienced professionals are well-trained and prepared for any unique animal removal job. We cover animal proofing for roof vents and exhausts, chimney capping, screening decks, removing deceased animals, wasp and hornet nest removal and urban wildlife stuck in attics, garages and sheds.

Contact us for animal removal and prevention services in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Oakville, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.


Contact us at: 1-833-902-7928

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