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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Humane Raccoon Removal & Control Services

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Humane Raccoon Removal & Control Services


Raccoons get attracted to your house because they have easily accessible food and shelter. They have a strong sense of smell which attracts them to food that remains in your home, even in the garbage bin. They can hide in the barns, porches, basements or attics if they gain entry. If you suspect a raccoon infestation in Toronto, SWAT Wildlife can help with our Raccoon Removal Toronto service. What do we do when you call?

  • Listen to your concerns and find out more details on the issue
  • Give you a quote 
  • Send a qualified and experienced raccoon removal technician to investigate and humanely catch the animal
  • Prevent future infestations


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How Do You Know You Have Raccoons in Your Home?

Property damage is the most obvious sign you have a raccoon infestation. A raccoon can even remove tiles on your roof or use tiny spaces to enter the attic, where it builds a home for its family. It's not uncommon to find a mother raccoon with her young ones safely sheltered in your attic or other less accessed parts of your home. 

Raccoons can tear apart garbage bins and food containers in search of food. They can dig into walls and other structures with strong hands and powerful claws when they smell food. If you have a garden, you may notice holes that they dig for beetles and insects. Raccoons might eat the plants too when hungry. They also leave a strong, pungent smell from their feces and urine. 

Unless you see them, you may not tell which type of animal is wrecking your home. That's why you should call us immediately when you suspect an infestation.

Why Call Us For Raccoon Removal Toronto

Call us for immediate action when you suspect you have raccoons in your house or garden. Our experienced Raccoon Removal Toronto technicians can tell what you are dealing with. They will check the damage, feces and other signs to tell which animal is in your home and where it is hiding. 

Raccoons are not dangerous but are known to attack when threatened. You might endanger yourself and your family if you decide to trap it without professional experience. Also, you might injure the animal or its young ones, sometimes leading to their death. It's best to use humane, safe and certified Raccoon Removal Toronto methods to trap and safely dispose of the raccoons. 

You Can Trust Our Experienced Technicians

Our trustworthy raccoon removal technicians are specially trained to handle raccoon infestations. We use safe and ideal methods without causing damage to your property, exposing your family to danger or hurting the animals. After catching the animals, our team ensures its transported to a safe place where it is let free.

We are Reliable

Swat Wildlife guarantees you reliable raccoon removal services in Toronto. We respond quickly to ensure your problem is solved as soon as possible. Have you spotted a raccoon in your house? Do you and your family feel threatened? Call us immediately for a fast and satisfactory response.  

All our technicians are insured; therefore, you are not liable to pay for damages or injuries that can happen when trapping the raccoons. We also offer you a written guarantee which assures you of a satisfactory job. 

Why Should You Be Worried about an Infestation?

Although raccoons are not dangerous, they can damage your property and contaminate foods. They also leave a pungent smell, dirt, and feces, which revolts and multiplies germs. They can destroy insulation, wires and make your chimney their home. More disturbing, they can spread or cause ailments either through the parasites they carry or themselves. The common diseases associated with these animals include

  • Typhus
  • Rabies
  • Lyme disease
  • Tick paralysis
  • Bubonic plague
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever

We Help You Prevent a Reinfestation

It's not enough to safely remove raccoons from your house, but it's also essential to ensure they stay away for good. We will do a thorough house inspection to ensure all raccoons have been removed and the entry points noted. Whether they use spaces on your roof, on the walls, or open windows and doors, we will assist you to prevent them from entering your property in the future. We also give helpful information to keep the animals away, such as how and where to keep garbage bins and seal all food containers. 

With our quality and reliable raccoon removal services, you will never have to worry about a raccoon infestation in Toronto. 



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