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how to remove skunk smell

How to Remove Skunk Smell from Your Home

By SWAT Wildlife Removal | June 22, 2020

Skunks are famously stinky creatures – at least, they are when they feel threatened and decide to try and teach whoever or whatever is “threatening” them a lesson. Skunks spray a foul-smelling liquid when they feel threatened. That might seem understandable as a general defense mechanism, but it’s not likely to make you feel any…

Signs that Raccoons Live in Your Attic

Do You hear Noises in Your Attic? Signs that Raccoons Live in Your Attic

By SWAT Wildlife Removal | May 26, 2020

Raccoons are more likely to invade your home during winter and spring, but they can get into your attic at any time of the year. Sometimes, pregnant raccoon mothers break into attics looking for warm, dry, and safe places for their babies. Therefore, if you suspect that you have raccoons in your attic, then most…

Can You Get Pest Control During the Pandemic?

By Super Admin | April 3, 2020

It sounds peculiar to some, but pests won’t take a break because of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, mice or rats, bugs, and all of the other creatures that can try to inhabit our homes and properties are impervious to the virus. They know nothing about the millions of people now sitting…

How to Prevent and Get Rid of These Common Critters

By Super Admin | March 20, 2020

As winter’s last puddle melts and the sun finally comes out of hibernation, so do the many critters and rodents that have been lying low all winter long. With warmer temperatures comes an influx of these nuisances, and while they are furry and can sometimes be cute—emphasis on sometimes—these rascals can wreak some serious havoc…

Get Ready to Reclaim Your Shed When Spring Arrives

Get Ready to Reclaim Your Shed When Spring Arrives

By Super Admin | January 21, 2020

Ask anyone who lives in an area where wildlife is abundant, or even only semi-abundant, and they will usually have a story or two about wildlife invasions. The red squirrels that destroyed the attic or the stinky skunk who took up residence beneath the old foundation, and so on. While these stories can bring a…

3 Common Winter Pests and How to Handle Them

By Super Admin | January 8, 2020

Winter can arrive fast or show up a lot later than normal. It can be very harsh, cold and uncomfortable or it might be unseasonably warm without much accumulation or hazardous weather. In other words, winter can be unpredictable. On the other hand, wildlife can behave in fairly regular ways, and that is particularly true…

Tips for Homes with Unexpected Mice Issues

Tips for Homes with Unexpected Mice Issues

By Super Admin | November 6, 2019

You might be shocked to discover that an area of your home has suddenly developed a mouse issue. Unfortunately, late autumn is the peak season for mice (and rats, and other critters) to start seeking warmer living conditions, and it is why many people suddenly develop a mouse issue. Though tiny and almost impossible to…

Who to call to remove wild animals?

By Super Admin | October 10, 2019

It’s always best to call a professional wildlife removal company if you suspect you have animals in your home. Professional companies licensed, insured and should offer a minimum of one year warranty.

How much does animal removal cost?

By Super Admin | October 10, 2019

Competitive pricing for animal removal from a reputable company can range anywhere from between $300-$400. Burrowing animals like Raccoons, Skunks, Rats and Opossums can bump that price up due to linear screening.

How much does Raccoon Removal cost?

By Super Admin | October 10, 2019

Raccoon Removal costs can vary. Our inspection, removal and closing of one entry point ranges from $325-$395 in the GTA. Also, Raccoon Removal costs can increase during Baby Season and if the Raccoons are found underneath decks, sheds, crawl spaces and porches.

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