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raccoon in the attic

What Is An Inexpensive Way To Remove Raccoons From An Attic?

By Derick McChesney | July 30, 2022

Raccoons in the attic (or anyplace else in your house) are a serious hazard, despite their adorable appearance. How can you tell if a raccoon is up there? You will initially hear them scuttling and scraping. Additionally, they’ll create a mess by dismantling insulation to build their nest and leaving behind excrement. It’s critical to…

pest control

How often should pest control be done?

By Derick McChesney | June 10, 2022

The only living things living on your property should be the ones invited to do so. Your family and pets? Absolutely welcome. Anything else should be asked to leave. Alas, many creatures won’t respond to your polite request. The only way to get rid of them will be to take action. If your home is…


How can raccoons be relocated?

By Derick McChesney | June 10, 2022

Nobody wants to live with freeloaders — and that’s especially the case when the freeloaders are living creatures that don’t seem to understand the boundaries of privacy. Alas, sometimes, you just have to accept that another tribe of animals has set up camp at your property. In Toronto, there’s no shortage of things that can…


Get rid of a bat that is hanging off a tree in the backyard?

By Derick McChesney | May 24, 2022

Bats are unlikely to threaten humans or cause them harm, but if you have bats living in your home or outside your house, there is a risk of damage to the property. You may also be uncomfortable with seeing bats in the backyard. In this guide, we’ll provide advice to help you deal with bats…

water damage

Get Rid of Water Damage Now!

By Derick McChesney | May 24, 2022

Water damage poses a serious threat to homes and business premises. Even minor damage can increase the risk of further structural wear and tear, illness and pest infestations. If your home has been damaged as a result of adverse weather or plumbing emergencies, or you think you may have spotted early warning signs of excess…

Do I Need Wildlife Control?

By Derick McChesney | May 22, 2022

When we are experiencing problems in our home, from critters to birds, raccoons or other types of wildlife, we need to understand if we actually need wildlife control to help or not. Here are a few things that you may want to ask yourself if you are in this position. Are There Protected Species Involved?…

How Does Rain and Snow Not Go Down a Chimney?

By Derick McChesney | May 11, 2022

If you have ever noticed water trickling at the bottom of your fireplace or critters getting into your property, you need professional attention as soon as possible. If this occurs every time it rains or snows, there may be a problem with your chimney. But for those homes that are very effective at preventing rain…

What would you do if you found a dead animal in your home?

By Derick McChesney | April 4, 2022

It can be startling to find a dead animal in your home or on your property. Even if you’ve been trying to get rid of the critters living in your home, it’s not always clear how to handle the situation when you run across a dead animal. Here are some tips on what you can…

What are the eco-friendly ways to control pests?

What are the eco-friendly ways to control pests?

By Derick McChesney | April 4, 2022

We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet. Making environmentally-friendly choices are part of being good stewards of our earth. But that doesn’t mean we need to live with pests. If flies, spiders, roaches, wasps and the rest creep you out, there are some eco-friendly ways you can control them.  Why choose…

How to deter rodents from entering your home

By Derick McChesney | March 7, 2022

When the weather gets cooler, rodents love to find a nice warm space to take shelter. Many times, this is someone’s home.  It can be startling to see a mouse in your home, and you may even be afraid of it. Unfortunately, rodents are very good at finding ways into your house, and they can…

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