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Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal Toronto

Humane Squirrel Removal & Control Services

Squirrel Removal Toronto

Humane Squirrel Removal & Control Services


A single squirrel jumping around your yard is exciting, and you might be tempted to feed or keep it around. But soon, you may have many more squirrels roaming around, even inside your home. 

Squirrels are attracted to food and a safe hiding place. If they enter the house, they can hide in the attic, chimney, and other areas with minimal traffic. The animals scavenge through your food remains. Even worse, they chew and destroy cables, structures and anything they can get their teeth on, excluding stones and metal. This is where our Squirrel Removal Toronto services come in.


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How Do You Know You Have a Squirrel Infestation in Your House?

The most typical indication that squirrels are in your house is a lot of noise in the attic or other areas where they hide. You may hear them scurrying around noisily, and they cause a lot more damage than rats. You can also notice feces, a pungent smell, and destruction from their chewing. When one of them unfortunately dies, the smell is unbearable.

They also like getting into garbage bins and containers to look for food. Call SWAT Wildlife Squirrel Removal Toronto Services immediately if you suspect a squirrel infestation in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Why should you contact us for Squirrel Removal Toronto services?

  • You need an expert to clarify that you indeed have a squirrel infestation
  • You will get a quote for the removal
  • The expert carries out a thorough investigation to pinpoint the exact locations where the animals are hiding
  • You get a precise analysis of the extent of infestation and damage caused

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Whether squirrels are dangerous has probably crossed your mind after suspecting they have invaded your home. Generally, squirrels are not harmful but can cause grievous harm to your house. They may strip electric cables exposing live wires, which can cause fires and contaminate water and food. Also, the noise they cause can be disturbing. SWAT Wildlife Squirrel Removal Toronto services will remove the squirrels quickly and humanly.

Why Should You Depend on Our Squirrel Removal Toronto Services?

SWAT Wildlife is an experienced pest control service provider in Toronto. We have experienced, highly skilled and professional technicians on standby to tend to your requests when you call. We understand how disturbing and frightening it is to have pests and animals invade your house and the ensuing dangers. Therefore, we do all we can to offer fast and reliable squirrel removal Toronto services. 

After a phone consultation, we send our technicians to your premises to inspect and decide on a suitable solution. The technicians are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to catch or trap the squirrels and any other pests they might encounter. 

We carry out the exercise with great care not to cause damage to your property or endanger your family. We also use humane methods to catch the animals. We prioritize their safety and ensure they aren't distressed or hurt. You'll have the animals quickly trapped and transferred to a safe place away from your house by our able technicians.

SWAT Wildlife 

  • Has many years of experience in squirrel removal Toronto services
  • Works with fully insured technicians
  • Invests in its technicians, ensuring they are highly skilled and well-equipped
  • Ensures its employees are trustworthy, dependable and professional in all their dealings
  • Offers satisfaction guaranteed services - We give you a written guarantee which we abide by, promising to provide satisfactory services. We don't leave your premises until it's free from squirrels and other pests.

We Offer More than Pest Removal Services

Our work would not be complete without ensuring you don't get another infestation. We carry out a thorough investigation to detect the squirrel's entry points and then seal them. Squirrels can enter your house through the roof, open spaces, windows and doors. 

They can also enter through the chimney, but we install chimney caps and seal all open spaces to deter them. We also encourage you to keep windows and doors closed at all times because even after removing the squirrels, new ones can still access the house.

To completely get rid of squirrels in your house in Toronto

  • Don't feed them
  • Remove any squirrel attractions in your compound, such as fallen fruits, standing water and open trash bins
  • Seal entry points
  • Plant squirrel-repelling plants
  • Have regular house inspections

Call us today for SWAT Wildlife squirrel removal Toronto services. 

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