Roof Repair and Prevention

SWAT Wildlife’s experienced technicians will complete a thorough interior and exterior roof inspection. Upon completion, the technicians will recommend preventative measures to ensure wildlife will not re-enter through the roof as well as repair and protect any damage caused by wildlife to shingles, soffits, plumbing mats, air vents, chimney’s, fascia and eavestrough. SWAT will assess any damage within the attic and offer clean-up services of feces and contaminated insulation if needed.  SWAT Wildlife’s prevention applications are backed by a written guarantee, so if the animals return within the terms of our warranty we will repair or replace all materials  at no charge to the home owner.

100% Guarantee

When work has been completed and materials installed, SWAT Wildlife offers a one year written guarantee on all of its work, this leaves our customers reassured that the pests will not come back and that they chose the right company for the job!

Humane is Better!

Having a trained Wildlife technician and animal control specialists remove nuisance birds keeps customers out of harms way from potential run ins when dealing with their wildlife issue. When trying to tackle the problem on your won without training, you risk property damage, falls from ladders, and even bites from the animals. This also allows the animals to be removed properly to prevent any undue stress and injury to them.

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