Animal Removal & Pest Control in Thornhill

Even the most well-developed, urban areas have animal removal needs, so imagine the necessity of having animal removal experts on call in a rural area. Pest control is no simple thing, and SWAT Wildlife know the ins and outs of everything you might be concerned about when living in an area prone to a family of raccoons making a home in or under your home. If they were just living there, minding their own business, it might not be much of an issue. Raccoons, though, can make quite a mess of your yard or wiring if left to their own devices.

For homeowners in heavily forested areas such as that occupied by the Thornhill communities, animal invasions are a fact of life. Squirrels are particularly bothersome, since your attic is as good as a tree for them. You shouldn’t want just anyone to come to your home, looking to make easy money for their work, and not taking any measures that might obviate the need to call upon their services in the future. When you want pest control done, whether for squirrel or skunk removal, you want it done right the first time.

Kick ‘Em Off Your Property Humanely

Just because you don’t want an animal from the outside living in your home doesn’t mean you wish it any harm, and SWAT Wildlife has a proven track record of humane animal removal that considers the well-being of the customer and the animal alike. Once pest control is taken care of, you should also have them cap your chimneys, screen decks, and do whatever they can to ensure that the same kind of creature doesn’t make a return appearance in the future. Wildlife isn’t bound by the same restrictions as humans. If they are blocked from one entrance, they will certainly find another in due course.

Keep in mind, too, that it’s not just live animals in need of removing. Unfortunately, an unwanted animal visitor will sometimes perish, and those dead animals need timely removal as well. Failing to remove a dead animal from your property quickly could result in a host of other problems; perhaps even carrion feeders who will come for their dinner and stay for the spring. This is nobody’s idea of a good time, except perhaps the animal in question. They rarely come alone, too, which is why you could have a real pest control problem on your hands if you don’t take care of that problem as soon as possible.

Don’t Try This at Home

Animal removal should be left to those who are trained in the removal and handling of wildlife. There is nothing heroic about getting unnecessarily bitten or scratched by a raccoon. An amateur skunk removal attempt gone wrong could leave you smelly for some time to come. The experts of SWAT Wildlife will take measures to ensure that an invading animal’s first time in your home will be the only chance they get to be there, and their humane methods ensure that the subject of a skunk removal request lives a long, happy life elsewhere.

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