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Animal Removal & Pest Control in North York

North York is a municipality within the City of Toronto with a population that’s pushing the 640,000 mark.  North York includes some of the most affluent areas in the entire city, such as the Bridle Path, Willowdale and Bayview Village, but even with this affluence, nuisance wildlife is still an issue in North York just like in any other area.  Animals like raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds don’t know and don’t care if they are making a home in a wealthy area.  They want a warm and dry place to have babies or to raise young and if that happens to be your garage, attic or shed in a wealthier part of North York, then so be it!

North York is also one of the more diverse areas of Toronto, but the wildlife isn’t concerned with that either. As long as they can find a way in and the surroundings are hospitable, they will start hauling in nesting materials and food until they have a suitable living space.  They will also chew on insulation and walls and wires and anything else that will help them to accomplish their goals.  The homes and businesses in North York need animal removal, raccoon removal and control, skunk removal and control and squirrel removal and control just like any other area.

Calling in an expert with a lot of practical experience is definitely the way to go when you need to evict some problematic wildlife from your home or business.  SWAT Wildlife performs regular work in the North York area and they have a multitude of experience removing and excluding all forms of urban wildlife in a humane fashion.  This means they will remove the animals, their young, and everything they’ve left behind, and then guide them toward a natural alternative so they are taken care of -but won’t try to use your property again!


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