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Winter Raccoon Removal And Chimney Trapping

Many people ask us, how do you get rid of a raccoon? While we have many ways to do so, our trained staff knows what’s best. SWAT Wildlife removes a Raccoon stuck in chimney and installs a chimney cap for prevention of further raccoon problems without trapping the raccoons still stuck in the chimney. You […]

Raccoon In Chimney Snared And Removed

Raccoons in the attic are a common problem. So are Raccoons in chimneys. A very strong, large raccoon snared from a chimney in Toronto. You can see that this guy gave our people a little bit of trouble as they tried to remove him from the chimney. Looks like this one has been doing some yoga, […]

Angry Raccoon Removal

Getting rid of Raccoons is no easy job. This Raccoon is ready to be relocated. Animals can be aggressive when being removed from your homes, sometimes it’s best to trust the professionals to take care of it! You can see this raccoon was obviously angry, it was probably even more angry that we put it […]

Baby Squirrels Rescued From Chimney

A Squirrel in the attic? We’ll take care of it. A squirrel in the chimney? That’s interesting…Squirrel newborns removed from a chimney, one of our odd scenarios. We heard squeaking and were surprised to find these little guys, they look two days old. Blind, tiny, and without fir, we had to carefully remove these cuties […]

Removing Baby Raccoon From Roof

You may ask yourself, how do I get rid of raccoons? You don’t have to, we do it for you! A mother Raccoon exits the roof after we begin to cut a hole in the dry way to retrieve the babies from the ceiling. You can see just how sneaky raccoons can be, by the […]

Raccoon Babies in Toronto Recycle Bin

This video goes to show the importance of raccoon control! We found this mother of three inside a recycling bin at a local Toronto home. It appears that the mother was looking for someplace warm to care for her babies. We opened the bin and got the mother out of there. She immediately got out […]

Raccoon Break-in Removal

SWAT Wildlife removing Raccoon and babies from a house in Toronto. We always aim to provide a humane raccoon removal service,! We found the critter lodged in the corner of the house but it was a fairly easy removal. The raccoon didn’t put up that much of a fight. The babies were quietly in the […]

Squirrel rescued from behind cupboard | SWAT Wildlife

Yes, squirrel removal is part of our large arsenal of services we provide. Squirrels put up less of a fight than the raccoon’s do, but that doesn’t mean that they’re less mischievous than raccoon’s. We chased this little guy back and forth until finally we caught him behind a cupboard. The squirrel had nowhere else […]

How To Release A Skunk From A Trap

Trapping skunks is harder than it sounds. Good thing we’re always prepared! SWAT Wildlife was called in to trap, relocate and release a problem skunk at a local Toronto residence. Skunk removal can be tricky for individuals attempting to do it themselves. Make sure you release the skunk from your trap carefully to avoid a spray! […]

Raccoon Trapping And Removal Toronto

Here’s how to get rid of a raccoon 101. Some Toronto residents complained about a raccoon hiding on their back porch, so we decided to investigate. You can see that this little guy was hiding initially until we found him. He also tried to run but we had him cornered. The only thing he could do […]