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Snared Opossum And Babies Humane Removal

Today we were called in to deal with an opossum and its babies that had been trapped in a window well at a local Mississauga home. The Opossum and babies removed were relocated to near by safe location off-site. For more information on how we can help you please call SWAT Wildlife at 647.496.3979. “We Serve And Protect Your […]

Dryer Exhaust Trapped Bird Removal

A young bird had managed to get itself trapped in a dryer exhaust at a local home in Mississauga. SWAT Wildlife carefully and humanely removed the bird and released it outside. SWAT’S number one priority, is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times by offering a number of incentives such as our seniors discount, written guarantee’s, […]

Removing Trapped Birds From Chimney

Today we were called in for a bird removal request. A starling had flown down a chimney stack and got its head stuck on the damper at a local Toronto home. The poor bird was pretty hung up. We took extra care removing the bird not to hurt or stress it out as it was […]

Rats Removed With Raccoon Trap

We were called in for a raccoon removal request in Toronto. We setup a raccoon trap in an attic with the hopes of catching the raccoon that has been giving this home trouble. Unexpectedly we ended up catching a rat with the raccoon trap! This isn’t our typical removal method, but because it wasn’t our primary […]

Raccoon Family Removal and Relocation

SWAT Wildlife is on the job again helping a family get rid of their raccoon problem. Their attic had recently become a home and nursery for a family of uninvited raccoons. Their home had very limited access to the attic and left very few options to safely access and remove the raccoon mother and babies. […]

Removing Raccoon Mother And Babies From Shed

On a beautiful Saturday morning we were called into local home in Toronto. Our SWAT Wildlife technician Johnny was on the job and narrated the whole process. We were called in to deal with some raccoons who have made a home out of their shed and garage – and had some babies. We got the mother […]

Rescuing Trapped Raccoon Babies From Window Well

Recently we were called for a routine raccoon removal when a Toronto home owner found a group of raccoon babies had been left in their window well. They were concerned for the safety of the babies and worried about encountering the mother. SWAT Wildlife to the rescue! You can hear the babies crying and the […]

Raccoon Mother Uses Ladder To Retrieve Babies

At this customers house we had a mom who made her way into their home through an open window in their attic, where she had her babies. SWAT Wildlife arrived on the scene and started getting to work on a raccoon removal call. First waited for her to wander back out of the window and we closed her […]

Removing Squirrel From Pantry

Squirrels in the attic are a common problem. So are squirrels from the pantry. The squirrel we removed here was a cookie monster, in case you couldn’t tell. Just to be safe we put on our gloves and we wanted to catch the squirrel in a large piece of clothing so he wouldn’t be able […]

Winter Raccoon Removal And Chimney Trapping

Many people ask us, how do you get rid of a raccoon? While we have many ways to do so, our trained staff knows what’s best. SWAT Wildlife removes a Raccoon stuck in chimney and installs a chimney cap for prevention of further raccoon problems without trapping the raccoons still stuck in the chimney. You […]